Tuesday, 26 May 2015

First night home

After a few days in hospital we arrived home on Sunday at 12:30am, we placed the car seat on the floor and looked at Jackson. We had excitement, terror and love running through our veins.
Due to the fact that it was 12:30am we went straight to bed both tired and drained from the birth and the few days in hospital. All we needed was a good night sleep.

WELL as anyone that has had a newborn knows that we simply had zero sleep. Jackson was awake as soon as we put him in his Moses Basket, wanting to eat constantly. I had expressed what I thought was enough for the next 2 feeds, however this was gone in the first 40 mins.

The night was made up of thinking of ways that I could breastfeed lying down so could could still sleep a little and so Daddy could keep an eye on Jackson. We soon found out that this is impossible, if you are a breastfeeding mummy you need to be sat up and awake all the time as well.

Jackson finally fell asleep at 7:30am, just when we needed to get up and get ready to take him to the hospital for a blood test. 

One thing I have learnt since becoming a mummy is daddies can sleep ANYWHERE . We sat down in the waiting room for about 30 seconds before daddy started snoring!!!

People always say to sleep when the baby sleeps, however when Jackson finally slept we both spent the whole time watching him sleep beaming with pride at what we had made. Of course we are bias and say that he is the most beautiful baby!!!

Love Sophia xxx

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