Friday, 21 September 2018

Potty Training

Potty training - the very thought of it scared me and it was the next big learning curb that we had to go through as a mum and dad.

Firstly I'll explain our journey and then I'll share some of my tips.

Around Christmas time (Jackson was 1 year and 9 months), Chris and I had a few bits to get from Ikea, and whilst we were there, we bought a potty and a step for Jacks, although we weren't going to start straight away but wanted Jackson to get used to them being around. Of course my mum heard that we had bought one and went straight out and bought one for her house too. Every so often, when we were changing his nappy or going for a bath, I would ask him if he wanted to sit on it, which he mostly refused and I didn't want to push it. However, when he spent time at my mums, he wasn't so bothered by it and often actually used the potty.

After Jackson turned 2, he was using it more and more with us and, even though I didn't think that I was ready for it, he was showing signs. So off we went to buy him some pants, which I let him pick out, and they ended up being dinosaur ones of course! 
After a few days, I braved it and asked Jackson if he wanted to wear his new pants. He was so excited about them but when it came to actually wearing them, he was not game! If I'm honest, I was relieved. As the weeks went on we would occasionally ask if he wanted to wear them but it was getting closer to my sister's wedding so, to be frank, the thought of Jackson shitting in his hired suit was not something I was game for!

A bit later on, at nearly 2 years and 1/2, I felt I was ready to deal with it, so I made him wear his pants for the first time and it was very surprising how little pushing it took. Amazingly, he was brilliant! Of course we had accidents but it was also a learning curb for me. One mistake I made was when we met some of my family at a restaurant and let him have some juice with his meal, but unfortunately they brought him a whole pint of juice, just what you want for a toddler who is toilet training! He must have thought it was his birthday and Christmas all at once. I did the sensible thing and took him for a wee before we left but of course a pint in means a pint out, so after an accident in Clarks, and then again in Next, he finished off sat on a portable potty in the middle of the shop! We all found it hilarious!

Fast forwarding to Christmas, so almost 4/5 months potty trained and only a few accidents since, he went totally backwards. On Christmas Day we changed 5 pants and pairs of trousers and it took a few months to get back on track. Thankfully, we have finally got through all of that and we are also now on day 10 of no nappy at night, which he is doing brilliantly at, however, it is worth mentioning that, after a lot of googling, that is something that you can not train them for - it just comes in time and like everything else, everyone does it at different ages. 

Top tips for Potty Training

  1. Wait for them to be ready! There is no rush, and trust me, poo is so much easier to clean up in a nappy than in pants!!!! Plus asking them 300 times a day is just annoying for both parents and the toddler. 
  2. Wait until you are ready too, not only do they have to be ready but you do too as it is a big commitment. 
  3. Carry on as normal but take a potty with you! A few people/books talk about staying in for a week but to me that sounds like hell - cabin fever and potty training? No thanks! I'm not saying head out on a 3 hour car journey or a full day shopping (not that I would recommend that with a toddler anyway) but take a trip to the park or a friends house like you normally would. 
  4. There will be accidents, just be prepared with some spare pants, clothes, and buy a lot of washing powder!
  5. We all probably know this one, but let them pick their own pants and use sticker charts etc. for rewards. 
  6. If they do go through a regression, I found that firming up helped. I would sternly tell Jackson, whenever he had an accident, that I had to do more washing which was not fun. 

Good luck to anyone starting or thinking about it. 

Love Sophia xxx

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

What my kids ate in a day

I have filmed what my kids ate in a day....

Love Sophia xxx

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Florence's 18 month update

Dear Florence,

I haven't written an update since you turned one but so much has happened in the last 6 months. We have been on a few holidays, attended lots of weddings, celebrated your brother's birthday and your Dada's big 30. We have had an amazing summer together with so many lovely days out. 

From now on, we will be having some real bonding time while Jackson is at preschool and, although we will miss him, it will be lovely to have some girly time together. 


You now have 16 teeth, which I thought was all of them until a friend reminded me you still have your 2 year molars to come! Last time I invite her over, haha! 

You are starting to copy everything we say recently but the main words that you say regularly and in the right context are: hiya, bye, ta, thank you, shoes, yes, mama, dada and Yaya. There are a few others that only your Dada and I can understand too! You also say a few words to Yaya in Greek, which is so adorable. 

Your most favourite thing to do is dance - all we have to do is put the Sonos on and you run into the kitchen and start busting some moves! I think that your favourite song is Monkey Wrench by Foo Fighters, but just anything with a beat will do. 

In a world of 'boys toys', your favourite is the buggy and dolly's, which weren't actually bought for you but for Jackson before you were born. You love pushing them around and we even have to take it to the local park sometimes as you can't leave it behind. 

You finally out grew the Besafe car seat and you are now in Jackson's old one as he out grew his at the same time!

Something I am not too pleased about is that you have gone a bit backwards with your sleeping. You sometimes wake LOADS in the night but the last month it has been getting better so fingers crossed we are on the right track now!!!!!!!


8:00/8:30am - Wake up
8:30am - Breakfast; cereal, toast and fruit with milk
9:00am - Get dressed and play or head out
12:00pm - Lunch; sandwich, crisps and fruit
12:30pm - Nap
3:00pm - Wake up and play
5:00pm - Dinner; general kiddie's dinners
6:00pm - Bathtime
6:30pm - Play and milk
7:00pm - Bed


I haven't got you weighed in ages, so I put you on the scales and you weighed 1 stone 7.5 pounds which I worked out in the red book that it makes you on the just over the 25 percentile, so she's gone up! 

You still have a few 9-12 month bits but I think that it's time to bag them up and put them in the loft, as they are getting very snug. 12-18month sizes fits you well but I have brought a few new bits 18-24 months which I'm rolling up the sleeves to make fit you! 

Love you so much. 

Mama xxx

Friday, 14 September 2018

Open letter to Jackson - July

Dear Jackson,

I am not sure that I have written you a letter since you first became a big brother, which is just madness! In that letter, I talk about the mum guilt and how I'm worried that you might feel pushed out being a big brother, which is something I did not need to worry one bit! You've been fantastic and recently you've become such a caring big brother, although it's a shame it's come at the same time as Florence being 'Miss Independent' and not wanting any help what so ever! 

You have now started preschool and are doing sooooooooo well!!!! You absolutely love it and have a special soft spot for your key worker, however you do call her 'my lady' which I am not sure where you have got it from and it does sound a little degrading (but does make your Dada and I laugh in private). You also tell me you don't have friends in preschool, just 'my people', HAHA! Where do you get these sayings from! 

Probably the best thing ever at the moment is that you randomly come up to me and give me a cuddle and say you love me or that I'm your best friend - you've become so caring! Don't worry, you do still shout at me and give me a slap from time to time but the affection side is breaking through more and more. 

We finally managed to get your hair cut this week, something we have both been dreading!! It's still long but just a little tidier! It's been over a year since the last cut so it was well over due. I'm going to keep it long until you tell me otherwise but at the moment you are totally on board with it and tell me regularly that you love your hair. You also tell me your hair loves my hair and vice versa, haha! 

We have such an exciting summer a head of us filled with weddings, holidays and a lot of fun days planned. Plus, so far, we are having the best weather ever!!!! It's high 20's most days for what seems like ages - fingers crossed it stays that way when we are back from our holiday. 

Your Dada and I love you so much!

Lots of love 
Mama xxx

Monday, 9 July 2018

Girls Summer Wishlist

Same as with Jackson, Florence doesn't need much in the way of clothes. She got a huge amount for her birthday! Last year she was mainly in babygrows though, so it was so much fun looking for proper girly bits this time. 

Again, my first destination was Zara, and they had some gorgeous dresses. Florrie lives in dresses nowadays and she looks totally cute in them. The first one that grabbed my attention was this rainbow print one. 

This is another pretty one, the palm trees scream summer holidays!

One of the reasons that I love dresses is because they are an outfit in one and the same goes for playsuits - so easy in morning and for holiday packing.

I love this jumpsuit too, from Matalan this time!!!!! Amazing print and now she's so quick at running around it would make her easy to spot, when I turn my back for 20 seconds, haha!

I brought this for a party recently and she looked so cute in it! I love the matching nappy cover.

This set from Next is so affordable for 3 outfits. I really like the frilly sleeves and the bunny ears on one of the tops, uber cute. 

Sunsuits are my go to item for holidays, as they protect their young skin and means I'm not so worried about them being in the sun. I also like them to be separate so that I can change nappies easily if need be. I also use them a lot when they are playing in the garden, saves ruining their outfits because they are always filthy when they come back in from the paddling pool! This print is so in at the moment too. 

Where are you shopping for your little ones this Summer? 

Love Sophia xxx

Friday, 29 June 2018

Boys summer wishlist

Jackson doesn't really need any new clothes at the moment - most of his bits from last year are still fine and he got quite a bit for his birthday but it doesn't mean that I can't look!!!!

The first place I looked was Zara and I have already bought a few pairs of leggings that I like but the rest I wasn't a huge fan of (I know, crazy seen as I'm normally a massive fan of Zara!). One of my favourite's were these ones: 

I did love these shorts though, they are quite a neutral colour but with a print which makes them a little different:

This one had to be in my list as Jackson would love it! I also love the bright colours so I would be able to spot him in the playground amongst the sea of children. 

Jackson had a similar one last year and loved it! He is definitely the best big bro!!! 

Jackson is a massive Buzz fan. He already has a dress up outfit and a couple of PJ's, so I know he would love to wear this around the pool. Although i'm not sure the white would stay white for very long! 

A friend of mine has always said that she loved Matalan for her little girl but I never found boys bits that I liked. That is until recently, now they have got it going on!!! And the best bit is that it's so cheap as well. This shirt just screams holiday and I may have already bought it, oops! 

And of course, to match I bought some pink shorts, which he looks just adorable in!!! One thing I found was the older boy bits were much better and I couldn't really see much difference in the sizes so brought him the age 4 and they fit him just fine. 

Now this is my type of hat! I love him in a trilby hat and the palm tree design is too cute. 

Where do you like shopping for your little ones? 

Love Sophia xxx

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Open letter to Florences - March 18

Dear Florence, 

This is my first letter to you and I thought that, now you are one, it was about time I wrote to you. 

First of all, how are you already one!? It felt like you were little for a lot longer than Jackson was but at the same time, you seem so grown up now. You have so much character, even though you barely talk, which is fine as I know that you will in your own time. However, when you want something or want to call someone over you just grunt loudly, which is so funny. 

Just like your brother, you are into everything! This time around, at least we have everything already childproofed but if I leave a kitchen cupboard open you are in there like a flash and giggle the entire time knowing that you shouldn't be doing it! 

Music and dancing has to be your favourite thing. As soon as I put any music on you start bopping and grinning. I think your favourite has to be Red Hot Chilli Peppers, which would have made you Grandad very proud. 

I have been working quite a bit recently, so you have spent lots of time with Yaya who, just like with your brother, I am a bit worried you are starting to prefer more than your Dada and I, haha! After the Easter Break, Jackson will be going into pre-school so you will have some real 1-2-1 time with Yaya, which I know that you'll both love! 

Next week we are off on a skiing holiday. We have had lots of snow at home to get you used to it, which at first you hated but not sure if it was because I wrapped you up in loads of layers and made you wear big snow boots. You have definitely started to enjoy it now though and I can't wait to see you both playing in all the snow! 

Keep being your happy, gorgeous little self! 
Love you loads
Mama xxx