Monday, 13 May 2019

Elliot 2 month update

Dear Elliot, 

You went to your first kid's party recently, your big brother Jackson and big cousin Livy's joint 4th party. You slept through the whole thing and were so good!!! 

We celebrated your first Easter, this year we went round your Yaya's for it and we all had great fun. 

We had our first mini-break too, when we went up to Newcastle to meet your new cousin. All of you were so good in the car, as well as in Newcastle and it was sooo lovely to see Gigi with her 5 great grandchildren! 


We have started to get a couple of giggles this month and you smile all the time, even at Dada!. 

We have gone a bit backwards with the nights, waking every 2-3 hours but you do feed and then go straight back to sleep, so I can't complain too much.

You absolutely love your baby gym, I have never known a baby to like it so much. You kick your legs giggling away, sometimes even for up to 45 mins!!!

You still love baths loads! So much so, I have started bathing you every day, which they don't recommend but I really love it too.


Still have no routine at the moment. 


You now weigh a whopping 13lbs 3 oz, actually dropping to just below the 75 percentile but still doing very well. You are are just starting to out grow 0-3 months clothes. 

Love you so much, 

Mama xxx

Sunday, 12 May 2019

Elliot's 1 month update

Dear Elliot, 

What a month it has been! You got fully discharged but they do still seem slightly concerned about your jaundice, so we will be going to the prolonged jaundice clinic soon. 

You had your 2nd hearing test (the first one, in hospital, came back inconclusive), which you passed with flying colours. 

In your first week, you went to watch your brother and sister at their swimming lessons, have been to soft play and even been to the park a couple of times - so much for keeping you indoors!! 


At the end of the month, we even got a big toothless grin, which melted my heart. I am currently the lucky one and getting all the smiles, Dada always moans that you don't give him any yet!

We have no routine yet but you do tend to cluster feed from about 4pm until bedtime. You're eating so well and feed anything from an hour to 3 hours apart. 

You definitely like cuddles and generally only settle when either feeding or being cuddled. I don't mind, I love soaking up the baby cuddles while I can!!!!!! Although, you're always going to be our baby boy! 

You're so good at holding up your head and you constantly lift it up, trying to have a look around. 

We have given you a few baths now - you love them and so does Jackson and Florence, as they fight over who's turn it is to clean you with the sponge! You're not too sure on the whole getting out of the bath at the moment but I totally agree with this, after a lovely warm bath it's freezing when you get out. 

One thing you hate is your car seat. Your big sister was just the same!! You are fine when we start moving though. 


We have no routine at the moment. 


You weigh 10lbs 11oz, following the 75th percentile nicely and in mostly 0-3 month clothes now.

Love you so much,
Mama xxx

Saturday, 6 April 2019

My birth and labour story for baby number 3

So, this will be quite a short blog post, as the whole thing was very quick!

At 5:50am, I woke up and didn't feel quite right. I joked to Chris that I was either ill again or in early labour. I then asked him to make sure he was out of the bathroom early, as I needed to wash my hair (now that I am on Maternity Leave and not swimming, I had forgotten to wash my hair... #mumlife). So, off he went to the bathroom and I put the telly on to distract me a little bit, which is when my contractions started. I quickly downloaded an app and started timing them, as they were coming on very quick and fast - they were about 2-4mins apart and lasted about 40 secs each (I just checked it on my app, I haven't got an amazing memory!), so I quickly chucked Chris out of the bathroom and got in the bath. Chris messaged my Mum to let her know that she might be needed soon, although I was still in denial that I was in labour, I even asked Chris if he could maybe stay home and look after the kids today, to which he replied 'you're in labour, of course I'm staying home'!

The contractions were getting stronger and closer together, so we rang the Labour Ward and they told me to come in. Chris then rang my Mum who was already on her way.
As soon as I got out of the bath, I realised how strong the contractions were, so we quickly got the last few bits of the hospital bag together and I got my self ready. At this point, it was about 7am and Jackson woke up, so we went in to say goodbye and told him where I was going. He was so good and gave me a big cuddle. As we were leaving, Mum said 'do you think we need to call an ambulance', to which I laughed off and made my way to the car, which was a slow walk with a few contractions along the way. 

In the car, I just focused on my breathing and practised my hypnobirthing techniques. We are quite far from the hospital (a good 40 minute journey) and on the way my contractions definitely got a lot stronger, so much so that Chris said I was starting to do my pushing face, which I am sure is a gorgeous expression, ha!! By the time we got to the hospital car park, it was 8am and, again, it took us a while to walk across the car park! When we got in, they where sooo busy. I heard one of the midwifes say to another 'she looks relaxed send her to the waiting room', to which Chris responded 'her contractions are really strong' and I said 'I've been pushing', so they quickly changed their minds, especially after seeing one of my contractions, and sent me down to a room.

They were not ready for me at all and the midwife was rushing around to get bits sorted. All I wanted was the gas and air and an epidural, so the midwife gave me the gas and air and I got on the bed ready. The other midwife joined us, with both racing around getting towels and stuff. Due to losing lots of blood with my other two labours, I needed to have a cannula put into my hand, just in case they needed to give me anything. It was about this point that I turned to the midwives and said 'I'm not getting my epidural am I!?' No one had checked me so I had still thought that I had time for the drugs!! But simply from the way that I was behaving, they knew the baby would be with us soon.

Very quickly after that, the head was born and amazingly, he was still in the sac, which is so rare! They decided to break the sac on the way out, to make it a bit easier, although it took them a little while to find the sterile instruments, I think because they were so rushed.
Elliot made his super speedy entry at 8:25am, he was gorgeous and weighed a healthy 8lbs 9oz!!! There was no pulling of the red cord (well a brief one when I started bleeding but they cancelled it as it stopped very quickly) and there were no emergencies!!

When he was born, the midwives noticed some bruising-like spots on Elliot's arm, so the Paediatrician was called just to check him. She said that it could be 'Mongolian Spots', which aren't a problem but they needed to make sure that they don't get any bigger, in case it was actually bruising. During this time, he had a huge feed for probably about an hour. Afterwards we had our first facetime with our 2 babies back home.

A while later, the midwife said that she had called back the Paediatrician to check Elliot again, as she was worried about a noise that he was making. For the rest of the day, he was checked every so often by the midwives and at 4pm, the paediatrician sent us down to the neonatal unit to get him properly tested so they could make sure that it wasn't anything serious. 

We spent 2 hours down there are we were so luckily that we got to leave and head back upstairs with our baby! Neonatal was one of the most scariest places I have been to - as soon as I got there I cried, I cried for Elliot and for the other babies that were down there.
But like I said, 2 hours later, everyone was happy with his levels and we left. I have never felt so grateful and so lucky than I did in that moment.

We spent the night in hospital and the next day, once the paediatrician had checked him over again, we were allowed to head home. Due to it being a Sunday, meaning they were very busy, we were not discharged until 5pm, so the kids came up to meet their baby brother before we left.

In regards to his 'Mongolian Spots', they had almost completely gone by the time we left, so it turned out it was bruising but none that we needed to worry about. Chris loved joking to the staff if he needed a DNA test because, like the name suggests, Mongolian Spots are much more common in Asian families!

For the 3rd time, I cannot fault the care at Stoke Mandivile Hospital and the staff were just amazing!!

Love Sophia xxx

Monday, 25 February 2019

Hospital bag for labour

Packing your hospital is so exciting it feels like a step towards meeting your little baby. I have packed mine very early this time, as the midwife told me too. Nobody has any idea when baby's going to come but she felt like I should get a bag packed just in case. 

I had a c-section with Jackson and spent 4 days in hospital. Then a natural birth with Florence and spent under 24 hours in hospital. I am a massive believer that you should pack whatever makes you feel comfortable and don't worry about 'overpacking'. Saying that I also think that you (birth partner) should be able to carry it. Both times you are moved around a bit and its handy if you don't have 15 bags to carry around. We are taking a cabin suitcase, with wheels so that it's easy to carry and also a rucksack. 

  • New pj's - Mine are super big size from primark, it is super lovely to get into clean new pjs afterwards and for me its an essential
  • Big pant, black preferably 
  • Flip flops, mainly for using after labour and for the showers
  • Make up - you don't have to take any but there are a lot of photos after the baby is born and a little make up can make me feel so much better
  • Hair Brush
  • Hair bands 
  • Towel - for you
  • Going home outfit 
  • Dirty washing bags - I didn't use it with Florence but it was handy with Jackson so I could just give Chris the bag and he could go home wash it and bring more bits back. 
  • Maternity pads
  • Breast pads - Generally your milk doesn't come in until day 3 or 4 but just in case
  • Toiletries 
    • Tooth Brush- always bring one for Chris too just in case
    • Tooth paste
    • Shower gel- sensitive one!! 
    • Shampoo and conditioner 
    • Face wash 
    • Make up remover 
    • Face cream 
    • Body cream 
    • Deodorant 
I'm going to also put the baby bits into the suitcase, making it easier. 
  • 3x baby grows 
  • 3x vests
  • Hat 
  • Blanket
  • Nappies 
  • Wipes 
  • Muslin cloths 
  • Coat - all in one
  • Teddy- we are yet to buy it but we brought the last 2 a little teddy to take to the hospital for both pictures and to tell them when they are bigger. 
Rucksack is more of a labour bag, things that would could need during labour. 
  • Notes 
  • Snacks - I didn't eat during either labours but used it afterwards. 
  • Drinks - we packed lucasad 
  • Water bottle 
  • Straws so it's easier during labour to drink
  • Cooling spray 
  • Massage oil 
  • Headphones 
  • Socks - I have never used them but people say that they sometimes get cold feet during labour
  • Phone charger 
  • Camera 
  • Camera charger 

A few things that will be thrown into the car are: 
  • baby car seat 
  • The kids presents from baby, I hope that they get to meet the baby at home but if I am in hospital for a few days they will come up to the hospital
  • My breast feeding pillow, this was really lovely for after labour as an extra pillow and to help with the feeding
Let me know if you have any other tips. 

Love Sophia xxx

Monday, 18 February 2019

35 and 36 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Here's my 35 and 36 weeks pregnancy update...

Symptoms: At the beginning of the week, my heart burn felt like it got worse but then towards to the end of 36 weeks it seems like it calmed down a bit. 
My emotions have been all over the place though. I know that I am tired but playing with the kids is more difficult at the moment, so it makes me feel like a bad mum, which doesn't help! I am also starting to worry about how I am going to cope once the baby arrives. I remember I felt like this when I was pregnant with Florence but ,again, I know it's because I am tired, inpatient to meet him and generally uncomfortable. 
I had another midwife appointment, in which everything went well. She said the baby was 2/5th engaged. She seemed to think that the baby would be here sooner than due date, which was quite scary! She's said it before - how does she really know? But I am also holding on to this and hoping that the baby will come sooner rather than later!!! 
Food Cravings: Like most of this pregnancy, nothing in particular, just food in general. 
Movement: Loads of movement lately. I don't think that I have much waters this time as I can see so much of his limbs and HUGE lumps coming out of my belly. 
Sleep: I am so tired but am still waking loads through the night! 
Things I Am Missing: Starting to look forward to a glass of wine now. 
Best Moment: Just getting closer to meeting baby 
Worst Moment: Still haven't found a car, which I know is not the end of the world but it's playing havoc on my nesting!!! 
Love Sophia xxx

Monday, 4 February 2019

33-34 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Here's my 33-34 weeks pregnancy update...

Symptoms: The last few week have dragged!!!!! Still feels so long until I get to meet my baby boy. I know that the next 6 weeks will go by in a flash but just feels ages away still. 
My heartburn has been a bitch the last few weeks, which is also bringing back the nauseous feeling at times too. 
Bump has got massive now and preventing me from bending down or generally squeezing into medium sized places. I'm also bumping it on things all the time, like I have just got massive over night and am not prepared for the size of it! 
I have had sooooooo many Braxton Hicks towards the begging of week 33, to the point where I was a little worried but they have definitely slowed down now. 
Had a midwife appointment and everything was fine but she did say make sure you get your bags packed by the weekend. Which seems very early (how does she know??) but there's no harm in doing it, so bags are all packed now (mostly anyway). 
Food Cravings: I have been waking up so hungry!! But not particularly craving anything. 
Movement: In the evening, he goes crazy and my whole tummy is moving side to side, when you see the limbs moving too. 
Sleep: I am very tired in the evenings but not sleeping too well either, as I keep having loads of dreams. 
Things I Am Missing: Nothing much this time.
Best Moment: Getting my bags packed - I feel like super woman being so organised! Still need to buy a new car as currently wont be able to get everyone in but that's pretty much it! 
Worst Moment: The Braxton Hicks, as I was worried and as much as I can't wait to see the baby, I am glad that he's still in my tummy. I think this early would mean a longer time in hospital!  
Love Sophia xxx

Monday, 28 January 2019

January's Best Photos

How quickly has January gone?! Although it does feel like pay day has taken forever to come, especially after a busy Christmas and start to the New Year. 

This month, we moved the kids into the same bedroom, and even though it was a difficult first few days, they love it now!!! 

They have become such a pair and Jackson is being so helpful (most of the time anyway, as he still has his moments!). He even  helped lift Florence up to see the snow falling outside our window - too cute! 

There are some months where I don't get a single picture of the pair of them, but this month I seemed to get loads. 

She really loves her brother. 

Florence's second love has to be the dogs and occasionally they let her have a cuddle. 

With Jackson being at preschool, I get some 1-2-1 time with Florence but 1-2-1 with Jackson is rare ,and when I get it I treasure it!!! I loved building the train track together with him the other day.

Love Sophia xxx