Monday, 14 January 2019

My Cleaning Routine

Everyone knows that I'm a bit of a geek when it comes to cleaning (ok, a massive geek!!!). For ages, I have had a cleaning routine, as I just find it easy to stick to and of course, it doesn't matter if sometimes I miss days or mix it up a bit. A few months back, I came across and loved the idea of focus areas. When you do these areas so often, they never feel like a big chore! 

I also pretty much do a wash load everyday. This means that it never gets too out of control. Having 2 dogs and 2 children, I need to hoover most days too but if we have been out all day, then I wont bother. 
I'll share my cleaning routine but I'll also point out that Jackson is at preschool all day Monday and Wednesdays, so I try to make the most of Florence's naps, hence why I have more things to do on those days: 

Focus area 
Hoover whole house 
Mop whole house 

Bedrooms - General tidy, dust and change beds 
Meal plan
Ironing - I never do this each week (I do the bare minimum when it comes to ironing and only do it when there is quite a bit built up). 

Clean bathroom 
Kitchen - Clean sides, empty toaster, sink and wipe down the fridge

Entrance hall and stairs 

Living room 


Clean dog bed 

Focus areas are what I do on a Monday, which is when go more thoroughly than I do on a weekly clean: 

Wk 1- Garden- This would involve sweeping up the leaves, sorting the flower pots and having a general tidy up. 
Wk 2- Cupboards/Airing cupboard - I declutter and sort out the 2 big cupboards upstairs. 
Wk 3- Master Bedroom - I clean under the bed, sort through the wardrobe for stuff to donate to Charity and I also deep clean the windows. 
Wk 4- Entrance hall and stairs - We keep our washing machine and tumble drier there so I will deep clean them and also clean the skirting boards up the stairs.
Wk 5- Kids Room- Very similar to the master bedroom, declutter and deep clean. 
Wk 6- Bathroom - I would clean all the tiles and sort out the cupboards. A general deep clean. 
Wk 7- Living Room- sorting through any of the cupboards. We also keep the children's toys here so I would do a quick sort through. 

Wk 8- Kitchen- I would empty and deep clean the fridge and pick a couple of cupboards to go through. 

When writing this, it seems like a lot but when you do it so often, it really doesn't take long and it's such a good feeling when you have a clean and minimal house (whatever minimal means to you)! 

How do you fit it all in? I have had a cleaner in the past and am definitely thinking about it again when baby number 3 comes. 

Sophia xxx

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

25 to 30 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Here is my 25 to 30 Weeks Pregnancy Update...


Symptoms: I am definitely pregnant now, ha! I feel huge!!!! My sciatic nerve has got better but if I over do it, it plays up again. I have had a midwife appointment and the baby is measuring big, not that I am surprised, with 2 previously big babies I am not expecting a 6lbs baby this time! 
Heart burn is in full force now but I also think that's due to the over indulgence during the Christmas period. 
The midwife did say that my iron levels have dropped quite a bit; nothing to worry about but it's something I need to keep an eye on. 
Food Cravings: Diet Coke, and can I blame all the chocolate i've eaten on a craving!? 
Movement: This baby has not stopped moving. He not only kicks but does big rolls all the time as well. 
Sleep: I have slept amazingly, especially recently, as the kids have been sleeping in. Although I'm back to reality soon so I am sure that will change!  
Things I am missing: Nothing much, I feel that this time around there is hardly anything that your not allowed to eat! The guidelines seem to change all the time!
Best Moment: Enjoying some family time over Christmas. 
Worst Moment: Has to be my back ache and sciatica problems.
Love Sophia xxx

Friday, 4 January 2019

2019 Goals

I have reflected on the past year in my latest birthday blog and, what a year! As well as that, here are the goals I set myself from the last year too...

My goals for 2018: 

1. As I mentioned, I have started running, and this year I want to get up to running 10k. - Yay, managed to run a few 10k's and even participated in the Marlow 5 which was 8k! 

2. Get back to blogging/vlogging. I'm not sure what exactly has happened but with work and the kids, I have lost a bit of my 'me time', which I would normally spend writing & filming posts. - This took a dip in the middle again but overall I did quite well and have really enjoyed doing it. 

3. We have started to think about it, but I want to properly look in to moving house, whether that just means saving more or actually making the big move. - So, we have started saving but we are not in the position to move yet due to money and just the timing in our lives. I do not want to be heavily pregnant or with a new born and moving house!

4. Once a month, I want to minimalise one room. I don't think that we have too much unwanted clutter but we are beginning to max-out the space we have at home! - I have completed the whole house but now, after Christmas, we are back to square one, ha! 

5. This is a big year for Jackson as he's starting pre-school. We are yet to make the finial decision on where & when but it's a big step, so I want to make sure that we have some one-to-one time together. Even if this is just an hour on a Sunday or most nights reading bedtime stories together because before I know it, this year will fly by again and we will be choosing schools by that point. - I think that we have achieved this. We could do it more but I make the most of Florence's naps and over the Christmas period, we have had more time so Jackson and I had a cinema date. 

I also planned to set smaller goals to achieve each month, during 2018, which I did so well, up until I fell pregnant and was in the in the 1st trimester. I am not going to do it this year but definitely will have a go again next year! 

My goals for 2019:

1. My main one is to survive the first year with 3 little ones!

2. Take a picture of the 4 (5 when he arrives) each month. We do not have enough photos of all of us.

3. My last one for this year is to soak in every moment with my babies! Jackson will be starting school in September, next year Florence will be starting preschool and this will be my last baby, so I want to make the most of every moment! 

Love Sophia xxx

Thursday, 3 January 2019

My 31 Favourites from this Year

I am 31 years old this year, so like I have done for the last few years, I have picked 31 amazing things that I've done from this year (here are my lists from the two previous years: 29th30th). I have to admit, it was very difficult to only pick 31 things, as it's been a pretty epic year. 

1. London Meal for my Birthday - For my 30th, Chris organised a fancy meal in London and then cocktails in a bar nearby with our friends. 

2. Le Manoir- My best friend, Lucy, treated me to a couple of nights away at 'Le Manoir' for my birthday present! 

3. Our baby girl, Florence, turned 1.

4. We had a little family party to celebrate Florrie turning one. 

5. Visiting 'The Hand & Flowers' with Lucy - this was actually a birthday treat for Lucy back in July, but we only got around to booking it in February (we are winning this year as we finally booked her latest birthday treat for January!)! 

6. Naming Ceremony/1st Birthday Party for Florence. 

7. I really managed to spread out the birthday celebrations this year and also went to Nirvana Spa.

8. Mothers Day.

9. Jackson's party - We had a pizza party round ours, which was toy story themed. 

10.  Jackson's actual birthday.

11. We went to Bulgaria skiing with my mum, sister and brother in law, which was great fun.

12. Me and a friend of mine took our kids to Disney on Ice, which is just amazing.

13.  Jackson started Preschool - I think we were both ready to have some time apart and he LOVES it. 

14. Chris and I went to Pub in the Park last year and it was great, so we went again this year but with some friends as well. 

15.  Sister in Laws Hen Do.

16. Finding out I was pregnant.

17.  Holiday to Greece with the family. 

18.  My cousin, Danea, married Anestis.

19. Chris' 30th birthday. 

20.  My brother in law married the gorgeous Catherine.

21. 12 week scan.

22.  Our good friend Ryan married the gorgeous Danni. 

23.  We went to west wittering for a couple of nights away.

24. My amazing sister in law gave birth to the wonderful Ruby.

25. We went out for dinner for our anniversary which was one of the very few times we went out together this year! There is no hope for when we have 3, haha! 

26. Spa day with with my sister and mum.

27. 20 Week scan and finding out we are expecting our little boy.

28. Chris and I went to St Albans for the weekend for our first trip away since kids!

29. Taking the kids to see Santa.

30.  Jackson’s nativity, in which he played Joesph. 

31.  Christmas Day.

Love Sophia xxx