Wednesday, 3 June 2015


After finding out that one of my good friends was pregnant (no names mentioned, wink) it made me think about my pregnancy.

The day that we found out I was pregnant was one of our most memorable days. We both felt excited, nervous and there was also an element of surprise, even though we had been trying.
Its hard to get your head around the situation, as for the first 12 weeks all you have is a small stick showing a positive sign (well in my case 5 small sticks!).

Personally I found the first 14 weeks the hardest, all I wanted to do was sleep. On one occasion I slept most of the day and then went on to have another 12 hours sleep during the night.
I was very lucky and was never sick but I did feel sea sick every evening, starting around 6pm, so my evenings were made up of racing home from work, bath and then bed. And all this from a baby the size of grape, crazy!!!!

The 2nd trimester seemed the longest but you start to show and feel those magical movements, which never got boring or less exciting!!

By the 3rd trimester the tiredness returns and the constant weeing starts, 3 or 4 times a night.
I never understood the pregnancy glow, that was until I started my maternity leave. I had time to go swimming, go on long walks with the dogs and take long baths (also managed to fit in a few beauty treatments!) I had so much more energy and can truly say that I really enjoyed the last 4 weeks.

I now can completely understand when mothers say that its all worth it in the end, it really is. It’s only 9 months then you get the best present in the whole world!

However, I am pleased that I am not an elephant who are pregnant for around 95 weeks!!!!

Love Sophia xxx

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