Thursday, 11 June 2015

To dummy or not to dummy

There is a lot of discussion on dummies and whenever I talk to another mummy  they say ‘I didn’t want to use it but.....’.
As for me, I had no real view on dummies, so bought a pack when I was near the end of my pregnancy just in case.

 It must have been day 9. Jackson had another night of constant eating and still appeared to be hungry after a mammoth feed. All I wanted was to have a shower, so I asked daddy to go and sterilise a dummy. About 15 minutes later he arrived back with this small glimmer of hope. I placed it in to his mouth and he instantly started sucking and fell asleep! Off mummy went with a smile from cheek to cheek for her shower. That morning, I managed a quick 10 minute shower, got dressed and even put on a bit of make-up (it was easter Sunday after all and we had a family lunch to go to).

Day 10, when the health visitor came around, I sheepishly told her we were using dummies and she went on to tell me that they actually reduce the risk of cot death by keeping the airways open. Result!!

I have continued to use dummies for a way to help Jackson rest and help him drift off to sleep. Sometimes he just spits it out and sometimes falls asleep without one. However it is an essential item in my changing bag and on my coffee table.

For anyone that judges mummies for using a dummy have either not been a mum themselves or just can’t remember what it is like being a mummy to a newborn. I don’t believe anyone should or shouldn’t use a dummy but if it helps you, then why not!!!

Love Sophia xx

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