Sunday, 19 July 2015

Date night

So a few years back, I worked as a nanny doing over night stays and Chris worked six days a week. This meant that Chris and I only saw each other two nights a week; this is when date night was invented. We would make sure that one night a week was just spent the two of us. We would either go out for dinner and drinks or just spend the night in together with a nice meal.

After renting a flat for a year, we moved back in with my Mum for about 8 months to try and save money to buy our own house and get married. This is when date night was taken to a new level. We made sure that more than one night a week we would do something just the two of us. This normally meant going out, as there was always someone else in at my Mum’s. We would go for drinks, dinner, or simply go on a walk together. We both felt it was important to spend this alone time together to keep the relationship fresh.

After moving into our house, date night became more sporadic. We made sure that most nights we ate at the dinner table without the TV on so we could have some quality time together. Date night then became more spontaneous. If the weather was nice, we’d pack a picnic and take the dogs with us after work. If neither of us fancied cooking we would go mid week to the local pub for some dinner.

Now our little man has arrived, the importance of date night has returned. Sometimes, if Jackson is taking ages to eat and is hard to settle, we often end up eating dinner separately and can even be on different floors of our house for most the evening! Obviously date night is less spontaneous now, as we have to arrange a babysitter. Jackson is 4 months and we have been on a few date nights, either just to a local restaurant or out for some drinks.

This week we went out for sushi and the cinema. It was lovely to have some alone time, even though all we talked about was Jackson and probably called my Mum to check in about 10 times! I love being a Mum but I also love being a Wife to Chris. Relationships can have their ups and downs and just because we have taken on new roles as Mum and Dad, we are still Husband and Wife and it is still important to work on that role.

Love Sophia xxx

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