Sunday, 20 September 2015

Flying with a baby

We have recently come back from a holiday to Greece visiting some family and... we survived the flight with a 4 and ½ month old!!

We were both a bit optimistic about how Jackson would be on the flight and also how we would be....

Jackson was amazing, so I thought I would share a few tips that I found worked for us.


1.     Be prepared! Have your baby bag ready, make sure its tidy so you can easily find everything. You don’t know if there will be a delay so make sure you have enough nappies, wipes, bottles etc.

2.     Relax… as easy as this sounds, it can be difficult with traveling with a baby. Try leaving a little bit earlier so that you have plenty of time.  Babies can play off how you are feeling so if you are relaxed and happy then hopefully so will your baby.

3.     Try to time your baby's feedings around take off and landing to help with their little ears. This isn’t always possible so, if not, try to giving them a dummy.

4.     Plan how you will travel around the airport with your baby. For us, we took the car seat and baby carrier (our backs where broken by the end!).

5.     Make sure you have all of their favourite toys and you have rehearsed all their favourite songs!

6.     Layer your baby's clothes. On the fight out, it was very hot and the way back a little cold. At least with layering you can take some items off and put back on when needed.

7.     My most important tip is ignore the snotty people. Lets be honest, before I was a mum and I saw a baby near me on a flight, there would be a little sigh in my head, which I think is normal. For me, it’s the people that give you the nasty looks or speak loudly, trying to make you feel bad, that are the ones to sigh about!

Love Sophia xx

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