Wednesday, 6 April 2016

What Jackson ate today

Jackson has always been a good eater but has recently started being a bit picky about what he eats. I think he could probably live off bananas, tangerines, chicken and cheese!! Those are definitely his favourites.

For Breakfast today, I made him healthy pancakes. They consisted of one banana, one cup of oats and 2 eggs. To make them, I put all the ingredients in a blender and then fried them in a pan like normal pancakes (it makes more than enough for mummies and daddies as well!!).

He also had 4oz of milk and a few strawberries on the side. After he finished his breakfast, he pointed at the bananas and cried so I gave in and gave him one too!

We went out for a little while, later in the morning, so I took a snack out for him. These Ella's Kitchen smoothies are really good as Jackson can suck it straight out of the packet with no mess (well, hardly any mess!). 

For Lunch, he had pasta, cheese, celery, cucumber, carrots and peppers. For pudding, he had a yogurt. After he finished eating it all/feeding the dogs, he pointed at the bananas and cried again, but this time I gave him a tangerine instead!

As an afternoon snack, I gave him a couple of strawberries and a carrot cake bar. The bar is from Organix Goodies and although Jackson does love them, they do seem to stain his clothes, so bibs are a must when he eats them. 

Finally, for Dinner, I had a veggie shepherds pie in the freezer which I made a batch of recently. It was an Annabel Karmel recipe and had butternut squash, lentils, carrots and lots more veggies. Having something like this means that Jackson eats all of his vegetables, which I struggle to get him to eat otherwise. 

Love Sophia xxx

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