Monday, 4 July 2016

Little J's packing list for holiday

We have Jackson's 4th holiday coming up next week, his 3rd time aboard. I am starting to feel more relaxed about travelling with him now, maybe because he's older or it might be because I have done it a few times before. 

Some of the first bits that I will be taking, which will not be put in the suitcase, are:
  • Buggy 
  • Trunki (full of his toys - I will do a separate blog on this once I have packed it)
  • Changing bag
As for his suitcase, we will be packing: 
  • 8 outfits - we are going for 9 days but of course he will be wearing one outfit on the way there. We will be able to wash clothes whilst away if needed but I will be on holiday too so really don't want to be doing chores!!!
  • UV swim wear including a hat
  • Swimming shorts 
  • Swimming nappies 
  • Arm bands
  • Pack of vests - We will be chilling around the pool or by the beach most of the days, so I will have vests to put on him when he's not in his swim wear, as I am sure it will be very hot. They also might be good for PJ's.
  • Jelly shoes 
  • Sandals 
  • Nappies - I'll take about 10 and then pick some more up when we get there
  • Sun hat 
  • Sunglasses - Lets be honest, these are not essential, nor will he wear them for long but they make cracking photos!!
  • Mosquito net - this can be used for the buggy and the travel cot
For feeding time, he will just use tea spoons and the same plates and bowls that we use, so we will only be taking:
  • Bibs
  • Water bottle 
  • Milk beaker
  • Shampoo 
  • Body Wash
  • Moisturiser Cream 
  • Suncream 
I will be doing a separate blog on little J's Trunki and changing bag, so keep a look out for them!

Let me know if you think that I have forgotten anything!

Love Sophia xxx

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