Monday, 15 May 2017

Centre Parcs

We had another amazing trip to Centre Parcs, this time we went to the Woburn Forest one. It was a lot smaller than Longleat but for Jackson it was just so much easier because he was able to walk everywhere. 

Apparently, it also has an amazing spa, although we didn't have time/had the kids so we didn't get a chance to go this time around (maybe next time I'll be able to sneak off to have a look/a cheeky massage!). 

While we were there, we did a few activities: 

Baby Owls
I booked this one on a recommendation from a friend. Personally, I thought he might be a bit scared and not really get into it. How wrong was I! Jackson absolutely loved it!!! He held all of the owls and let them fly onto his hand with no fear. Chris and I enjoyed it as well. 

Electric Boats
We actually booked this on the day - last time we got a 'Pedalo' but this time we thought it would be easier with the kids to hire an electric one. It was so much fun and we even let Jackson drive it, which he loved (and then got annoyed when he was driving into the verge and Chris had to take over.) We even had to put Florrie in a life jacket, which made it hard to hold her with my jacket on as well, but she looked uber-cute! 

Soccer Play
This was a class for Chris and Jackson to do together, with me going along to watch. It was good but it was very much like the manic toddler groups I go to each week at home. Jackson's attention sometimes drifted off at parts. The instructor was very good but it wouldn't be one I would book again, although Jackson was very proud of his certificate.

Jackson loved this! He lasted about 30mins before he was bored and it was something nice to do before dinner. Unfortunatly, I had a bad neck so it wasn't too much fun for me.

As well as the activities, of course we went swimming too. It was so much fun and Jackson had a whale of a time. He must have gone up and down the slides 100 times (he slept so well afterwards!). We didn't get to do the adult slides, much to Chris' disappointment but they looked like so much fun too. The rapids were fun though, which we did get to go down. 

I have also filmed our trip so watch out for that post coming soon. 

Love Sophia xxx

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