Monday, 22 May 2017

Open Letter to Florrie #1

Dear Florrie, 

You have been in our lives for just 3 months now and we already can't remember our lives without you. You have slotted into our family just perfectly.

You are such an easy baby; you are now sleeping through the night, which I don't mention too much otherwise I might have angry mothers at my door, ha ha!! As many family's second babies are, you have been thrown into the crazy world of a toddler, going to all of the loud classes and experiencing the madness of toddler groups, but you just go along with it, watching the world go by (that is when you are not sleeping!!).

We have been getting so many more 'alert' times with you recently, with you noticing your brother's crazy antics at the same time and I love watching you grow more and more each day. You always have a smile for him and you watch him play, giggling away. But you save your best giggles and smiles for your Dada, I can already see you becoming a 'daddy's girl'.

I can't wait to see your personality grow and wonder what you will do when you are grown up. Dada and I joke that you'll live in a nudest camp and be on one of those channel 4 documentaries! As soon as we undress you, you instantly start smiling and giggling!!! What ever you do, we will be proud of you!!

We have our special days together on a Friday, when your brother goes to Yaya's house. This is a day which I split between jobs and tons of one-on-one play time. Sometimes I just give you big cuddles while you sleep, which I could happily do all day!!!!

We are just about to head on your first holiday and I can't wait to spend time with you and your brother. Dada and I wont have any jobs to do so will have our 100% attention on you both and I just cant wait. 

Love you so much my little Florrie Lu!!

Mama xxx

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