Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Florence's 4 Month Update

We had our first holiday this month as a family of 4 and it was so good. It was so lovely to spend time all together. 

Dada and Mama had their first date night too, for which Grandma and Yaya looked after the kiddies - apparently both of them were very good. 

Another first as a family was going to a music festival, which was so much fun!!


Florrie rolled over for the first time! She could only do it front to back and is trying so hard to do it the other way but I am sure it wont be long. 

When we were on holiday, she also went swimming and, even though she did get a bit cold, she seemed to really enjoy it! Following on from that, she had her first swimming lesson this week and she absolutely loved it! She smiled and giggled throughout the whole class. 

Another amazing thing is this month is that she has started going down to bed earlier, around 7:30pm. We sometimes have to go back upstairs to put her dummy in but generally she stays asleep. 

Most nights she wakes round 3:00-4:00am for a feed but sometimes she will go all the way through the night!!!

She's still exclusively breastfed, which I am just finding so much easier! She's such an efficient feeder. 

We are starting to get much more alert times and she is starting to enjoy toys (she already has her favourites). She also found her voice and does this sort of squealing noise loads. 

She had her 16 week jabs, which did cause her to have a high temperature afterwards but she quickly recovered. 


Again, I am still not following any specific routine and feed on demand but this is roughly what she does on a day-to-day basis: 

7:30am - She wakes up and has a feed and will be awake for about 30 mins to an hour before falling asleep again.
9:30am - I wake her to get her dressed before we head out. I also give her a top up of milk. 
2:00pm - She has another feed.
4:00pm - Another feed.
6:00pm - Bath Time. 
7:30pm - Another feed and bed. 
3:00-4:00am - Normally wakes for another feed.

She tends to only cat-nap during the day but as she's so good at night I don't mind.  


12lbs 6oz and still following the 9th percentile but we have been to the doctors and hospital and she is doing amazingly. No one is worried anymore, she's just going to be a little girly! 

She is still in a few 0-3 month clothes but mainly wears 3-6 month ones. We have got so many beautiful clothes that we have either been given or bought ourselves that it takes me ages to pick her outfit for the day!

Love Sophia xxx

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