Friday, 4 August 2017

Gift guide

Uncommongoods recently got in contact with me and asked if I wanted to write a post about them. After taking a look at their website, I jumped at the chance.

They provide an extensive range of exciting and creative products from an array of different sources, ranging from artists to small manufacturers. A really interesting theme to their business is the importance they place on the environment, which can be seen by how ‘green’ they aim to be. For example, all of their catalogues that are printed are done so on recycled paper or paper sourced from FSC certified forests.

Many of you may know that my sister is getting married in a couple of weeks, which drew my attention to the fact that they have an excellent section for Bridal-Shower gifts on this pageThe first thing that caught my eye was this Wedding Celebration Dropbox, as it was so unique. It combines so many features, with the heart in the centre being a map of the location of where you got married, and unlike the traditional wedding book that is lost in the loft or thrown in a cupboard at home, this would look great displayed on the wall. 

Ok so the next one is not wedding specific but how gorgeous are these Candles? You can change up the oil depending on the time of year or depending on what mood you are in (Chris, if you are reading this, these would look amazing in our house - hint hint!!).

Everyone knows how important I think date nights are, even when you are married or have children. This Date Night Bucket List is such a lovely gift and would be so fun to play as a couple. 

Next, I had to take a look at the Baby Shower Gifts on this page. Even though I have had 2 babies, I find it so difficult to buy unique baby shower gifts for others. After having a baby boy, I know that these Peepee Teepees would be a brilliant and hilarious gift!
I love a good photo, as I am sure many of you are aware of by now! I don't tend to use 'props' but how adorable would it be to have a newborn picture with these tails from different characters! They include a Mermaid, Shark, Lobster and a Goldfish.

Jackson is still at the start of his talking journey but he is already saying things that make me laugh! This Kid Quotes Memory Book is such a good way to remember them all.
We have just started weaning Florrie and I remember with Jackson that a plate, to a baby, is a great toy, leading to most of the food ending up on the floor. This Mini Happy Mat Plate is such a good way to try and stop quite as much food getting on the floor.

When I was a Nanny, I looked after a gorgeous boy who just loved lego. I remember back then thinking how it would just end up everywhere!! This Play and Go Storage Mat would be amazing at protecting your feet from all the painful times you step on a brick. 
I found so many things on the website that caught my attention but I obviously can't list them all. The last thing I wanted to share was in the Gifts for Men on this page - this Umbrella. An umbrella I hear you say? After all of the gorgeous items I've previously mentioned? However, it is pretty much the coolest thing that I have ever seen - an inverted, no drip umbrella. I would love one of these as there is nothing worse than coming in from the rain and dripping water all over the house!
Let me know what your favourite items are from the website and if you make any purchases! 

Love Sophia xxx

*This is a collaborative post with 'Uncommon Goods'.

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