Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Florence 5 month update

Dear Florrie Lu, 

Here is your 5 month update...

We got to celebrate our first fathers day with you this month, at the beach! It was also your first time in the sea, so we had a lovely time dipping your toes in the water and letting you kick your feet in the sand (Jackson helped with the splashing of course!). 

Speaking of beaches, you also went on your first airplane this month and you were so well behaved. We went to Greece, so you got to meet more of your extended family and you absolutely loved swimming in the pool and the sea. You were so easy while we were away and I think that you actually slept the best you ever have, despite the temperature - one day the it reached 44 degrees and it didn't seem to bother you at all!

The day we arrived back, you turned 5 months old and the next month is going to be just as exciting as you will soon be starting to eat real food.


You rolled over back to front for the first time and ever since then, you just don't stay still. Even in your buggy you are constantly kicking your legs. 

I feel that we have nailed bedtime now - you are so good at our little routine of bath, feed and then bed. You sometimes wake up at about 11ish just to have your dummy but then you normally go through until about 4am in the morning, when you wake for a quick feed. On holiday you would go down a little later but then wouldn't get up until 7ish. Fingers crossed this is something that will stick. 

Your still exclusively breastfed but in Greece you did have a lick of a tomato and some watermelon. When I took the tomato away you actually cried (Greek tomatoes are the best to be fair)!!!


In Greece, the routine was very different but we roughly worked out you needed a nap every 1 and 1/2 hours: 

7:00 - Wake and a feed
8:30 - Nap
9:00 - Feed
11:00 - Nap
11:30 - Wake 
13:00 - Feed and a nap
13:30 - Wake 
16:00 - Last nap
18:00 - Bath 
19:00 - Feed 
19:30 - Bed

Maybe then a 4am feed.


You are 13lbs and 1oz - still so dinky and still on the 9th percentile. You're still fitting into 0-3 month clothing but some are starting to get a bit snug.

Keep being your amazing little self, I can't wait to see what I will be writing in next month's update! 

Love you loads 
Mama xxx

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