Sunday, 4 October 2015

6 Month Update....

It’s been a lovely and a sad month, our holiday to Greece had come to an end and Jackson was unwell with a cold and a cough!!!!

But this month we had the beautiful christening of Cousin Olivia to attend, celebrated Aunty Chloe’s birthday and her graduation. And we also had GG (Jackson’s Great Grandma) over from Greece for a week.

Jackson is spending lots of time on his tummy doing frog impressions and then getting frustrated when he hasn’t moved anywhere apart from round in a circle and side to side.

He has four teeth but I am sure that the next one is slowly coming through.

Jackson has got good at sitting up but is still wobbly so has cushions all around him when he is!

We have started weaning this last month. He has enjoyed broccoli, sweet potato, potato, apple, papaya, and lots more. He was not sure on parsnip.

6:30-7:30am- wake up and bottle
8:30- breakfast – fruit and baby rice
9-9:30 – nap for 30 mins
11:00- bottle
11:30 – nap for 30 mins
12:30- lunch – vegetables
2:00 – bottle
2:30 – nap for 30 mins
4:00 – sometimes he has another 30 mins sleep
5:00 - dinner
5:45- bath and bottle
7:00- down for bed

Each time he is having about 7oz of milk in a bottle.

Clothes and weight
He is mainly in 6-9 month clothes but I am not sure for how long!
His weight had slowed down but then he shot up to 19lbs 14oz! Little piglet!


Sophia xx

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