Sunday, 7 February 2016

Social media

On social media, people always portray the best side of their lives; perfect pictures, amazing statuses and wonderful videos of their baby’s ‘firsts’ or great nights out.

This has been a subject of interest this week in the media, with some people questioning whether this is this right or not.

I think this is a difficult argument as, for me, when Jackson is having a tantrum or has snot and dribble all over his face, the last thing I think about is to get my camera out and take a picture!!!

I want my Blog and Vlogs to be real life but it’s not always easy to capture the difficult times. However, in no way does that mean my life as a mum is always perfect!! That is why I thought it would be good for me to share one of the most difficult times that I have faced as a new mummy.

On Thursday, Jackson cried for pretty much the whole day. Whenever I picked him up, he wriggled and cried to get down and when he was down he cried and wanted picking up!

It all started when he refused to go down for his nap in the morning. In desperation, I rang my friend and pleaded to go out and do something together. Jackson loves going out and often it helps him to fall asleep, so we packed the car with both our babies (she has a new born baby boy) and off we went to do some shopping. I thought this would definitely calm Jackson down… well; it was not the nice relaxing girly trip out as I had imagined! Both of our babies screamed the place down and we got lots of sad eyes from all the other shoppers!

Finally, on the way back home, Jackson fell asleep!!!! So I dropped off my friend and spent the next hour driving around! When we eventually got home, his mood had still not improved, despite his nap, and dinner and bath time was just as much of a struggle! In the whole 10 months of having Jackson, I don’t think I have ever been so excited to hear the keys rattle in the door as Daddy came home!

The main thoughts I had running through my head that day were:
How will I ever cope with another one!!!
People with twins are Super Hero's!!!
I am a terrible mother who can't comfort her baby!
I want to go back to work today!
My baby hates me!

The next day, however, those thoughts disappeared as I had my gorgeous happy baby back! He was in a brilliant mood and the day before was soon forgotten.

I haven’t written this post for you all to feel sorry for me but, as someone who uses social media a lot, I don’t want anyone who is having a day like my Thursday was to see my pictures/blogs/vlogs and think that we are always that happy. As adults, we all have our difficult and grumpy times and so do our babies! Motherhood is hard at certain points and as long as we all do our best, we are great mums!!

Love Sophia xxx

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