Sunday, 28 February 2016

11 month update

This month has been filled with lots of play dates, another 1st birthday party and some horrible teething days!

Chris and I had a cheeky date night out one weekend, so Grandma and Grandpa were on babysitting duties. Chris also treated me to a gorgeous home cooked dinner on the Saturday before Valentines Day and on the Sunday, Jackson received his first Valentine’s Card from one of his girlfriends (which made me cry!!!)!

We enjoyed a trip to Swansea to see my oldest friend in her new house (my Mum and her's met at an antenatal class when we were still in their tummies). It is crazy to think that in 20 something years this could be Jackson and any of his buddies!


Jackson is still on the move, cruising and crawling around like there is no tomorrow.

The 2 teeth from last time are still not through completely. They are the molars, so are very big and they caused him a lot of issues at the beginning of the month. The main problem is that they still have some growing to do, so I am sure he'll have a few more teething days this month!

He likes to feed himself his milk now and sometimes doesn’t even want me to cuddle him while he drinks it. You will normally find me crying in a corner when he does this!!

Jackson has improved so much this month with his cognitive development. He initiates games now such as peek-a-boo, shows actions when he wants me to sing certain songs (for instance when he sits on my lap and rocks backwards and forwards for 'row row row the boat'), and he is also starting to do puzzles.


I think I must say every month that his routine hasn't changed but on a whole, he's been the same for a while. However, I now completely let Jackson lead the way with his routine and if he wants a nap after lunch, he can, so this is just a rough guide:

7:00/7:30am - wake up and bottle
8:00am – breakfast
9:30am – nap for about 45mins
12:00pm – lunch
2:00pm – bottle
3:00pm – nap for about 30mins
5:00pm – dinner
5:45pm - bath and bottle
7:00pm - down for bed

Each time he is having about 6oz of milk in a bottle and 7oz before bed.

Clothes and weight

He is mostly wearing 12-18 months clothes now but still has some 18-24 month items, depending on the brand.

I got him weighed a couple of weeks ago and he was 25 lbs.

Below are a few photo's from Swansea, my friend is a photographer and even though they were taken on her phone, they are still amazing!!!! 

This last one is my favourite!!! Make-shift bath, so cute!!!!

Next month is the big 1st birthday and we are just starting to plan it, so really looking forward to it!!!! 

Love Sophia xxx

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