Wednesday, 29 June 2016

15 month update

At the beginning of his 15th month, we were guests at a wedding where Jackson was their little Pageboy. He was so cute and so well behaved during the day. 

We also celebrated Father's Day, for which we went out for an early dinner so we could all eat together. Jackson had ice cream and afterwards we experienced his first sugar rush! He was crazy as he ran around the house screaming and shouting excitedly, until he finally went to bed an hour and 1/2 late!! 


Recently, it feels like every time I look at Jackson he seems to be growing up. This is mainly down to the little developments, such as the way he sits on the sofa to eat his snacks or how he walks over to me just to give me a cuddle. In regards to the big milestones, they seem to have slowed down a bit. 

Again, we have had another tooth through! 5 more to go!!! He's been teething the last few days so I am sure the next will be coming through soon. 

His hands are still in the air when he walks, which is so cute as he looks like a little monkey. He's got so confident and has so much more control when walking now. 

His new word this month is 'more' especially when he's eating - he's such a little piglet! 


His day to day routine is as follows:

7:00/7:30am - wake up and has 5oz of milk in a beaker
8:00am – breakfast
12:00pm – lunch
1:00 – nap for 1 to 2 hours
3:00pm – snack
5:00pm – dinner
6:00pm - bath
6:30pm - bottle 7oz
7:00pm - down for bed

Clothes and Weight

He is still wearing a real mixture of 12-18 month and 18-24 month clothes.

Jackson as a Pageboy

Having a rest while walking the dogs

Helping Daddy with the garden

Father's Day, before the sugar rush!

Eating an apple that he stole from the Green Grocers!!!

Love Sophia xxx

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