Monday, 13 June 2016

Garden wish list

Chris and I, (mainly Chris) have been re-doing our garden.

First on the list was the fence, which Chris and his Dad took down and replaced with a new one. Next job is the decking which is almost done!! Then finally it will be the lawn, for which we have decided that we should go for the artificial grass. We made this choice because of the doggies and thought that it would be easier with Jackson playing in the garden. Even though we are a little way off having it completed, it hasn't stopped me looking for items to fill it with!

We already have a mini climbing frame for Jackson, which he got from his Grandpa and Grandma for his birthday.

For the sunny days, I wanted to find a paddling pool, either for actually getting in or just to play with the water. Jackson is the sort of child that gravitates towards water, which is something my sister used to do when she was little. She was forever falling in pools and lakes, so I am pretty sure this is something he has got from her! 

I thought that this baby pool was a good idea with the shaded part over the top. 

Like I said above, Jackson really enjoys playing with water, so I thought I might get him a sand and water table. However, this is still a maybe, as I have a strong belief that sand should be near the sea and nowhere else!! 

I saw these and thought they would be brilliant in the slide part of his climbing frame, just for some extra protection for when he decides to throw himself down the slide (often head first!!)

So enough bits for Jackson, now time for Mama and Dada garden bits. Last year we had to throw away our BBQ as it was starting to get dangerous, so we will definitely be getting a nice new one to finish off the garden! 


I also have my heart set on a corner sofa/table for our garden, as it will free up some more space because we push it right into the corner. We have a perfectly good working table and chairs though and I always live by the rule if its not broken why fix it, so this may not be for a while!

We have recently hired a garage and got rid of our shed, so I thought that this would be a good idea for a little bit of easy access storage in the garden. It also doubles up as a bench for some extra seating. 

I can't wait for the garden to be done so I can enjoy it outside with Jackson. 

Let me know if you have recently brought any good garden bits. 

Love Sophia xxx

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