Thursday, 13 April 2017

Easter Basket

Last year, Easter was on the same weekend as Jackson's first birthday, so I knew he would already have loads of treats from friends & family and I made him an 'Easter Basket' instead. I loved the idea and it worked really well, so I am doing it again this year, although I am throwing in some chocolate this time! I am also re-using some bits from last year and the rest I have pick up pretty cheap. 

Firstly, the box is from last year and I got it from Poundland - they had similar ones this year too. 

Also from Poundland, I bought these funny bunny glasses which Jackson will LOVE but also will probably break 5 mins after getting them!!! Jackson has an obsession with stickers too so I found these Easter themed ones. I also thought that this 'Pop Stick Creations' might be a fun activity to do (I may change my mind after opening it, ha!). 

A few weeks back I found this book in Lidl and it was only 99p. I am sure he will love it as it has lots of arts, crafts and stickers. 

The brown bunny ears were from last year and they are Lindt ones. The white ones are from Waitrose, which my mum bought for Florrie, so they are just thrown in to encourage sharing with Jackson. 

The cow toy is my bargain that I picked up last year just after Easter, from Waitrose. I think it was about 10p or something crazy like that! I also got one for my niece (if you're reading Claire, don't show Livvy, haha!!).

Another item from last years box is this bouncing chick, which Jackson was pretty obsessed with last time. 

Lastly and perhaps most importantly, the chocolate! We are yet to decided if we will do an Easter Egg Hunt or just give them to him (FYI - he wont be eating all of these at once and I am sure he will be getting some help, hopefully mainly from Dada!).

Quick throwback to last year...

Do you do Easter Baskets for your little ones? 

Love Sophia xxx

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