Thursday, 20 April 2017

Slimming World - Week One

Some of you may have seen on my instagram that I have started Slimming World. It is quite soon after giving birth to Florrie but my sister is getting married in August and everyone knows that wedding photos will be around forever! So basically it's... #getslimforsisterswedding 

I know all about healthy food and I know what I should/shouldn't eat but sometimes I just need that bit of extra motivation from a group (and now a blog) to help me get the weight off. When I started, I was over a stone heavier than my pre-pregnancy weight but I also want to lose another stone on top of that, not necessarily by August though (that would be great however, especially with 2 holidays coming up)!

During both of my pregnancy's, I became a sugar monster and wanted to eat everything sweet that I could get my hands on!! So this is going to be the hardest thing I have to cut out. Also, another point to add is that I am still breastfeeding Florence, so I am aloud extra 'hex A', which is milk and cheese - that does make diet-life a little easier! 

So, straight on to my weight loss this week: 5.5lbs. I was amazed that I had lost so much! I knew that it would be a successful week as I followed the diet completely but was still very impressed!! 

I have to admit that I found it fairly easy this week and I made sure that I planned all of my meals so it was simple to stick to. 

One of my favourite meals this week was: Spagetti Carbonara.

Anyone else had to diet post-baby and got any tips? 

Love Sophia xxx

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