Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Messy Play

'Messy Play' for babies is so important, in my opinion, and I love to see them exploring and learning. However, in the Winter, you obviously have to do it inside and the clean up can be hell! To be honest, that alone normally would completely put me off!!! But I thought I would bite the bullet today!

I had previously bought some jelly for another 'Messy Play' activity but wanted some other ideas. So, after looking for inspiration on Pinterest, I came across someone who suggested doing it in the bath to save on the cleaning afterwards - Genius! This way, once we were done with the messy play, we could wash it all away with water, none of the hard work would be needed with cleaning Jackson or the surrounding areas (by that I mean the whole house!).

I made my jelly and also added some Rice Crispies to give him some texture to play with. I then put it all in bowls into the bath tub, closely followed by Jackson as I let him explore.

I have to be honest, Jackson hated it at first and did not want to sit down or go near the jelly! But after some encouragement and easing him into it, he started to have fun and started to play with all the different bowls and cups. 

The clean up was so easy - I collected all the Rice Crispies into the bowl and then cleaned the bath before rinsing it down. 

Let me know if any of you have tried this and if you have any other ideas for messy play!

Love Sophia xxx

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