Thursday, 31 March 2016

1 Year update!!!

I can’t believe I am already writing this blog!!! Where has this year gone? Everyone always says it goes quickly but you don't really appreciate how quickly until it has happened!

This month we have had a 1st Birthday trip to Odds Farm, our last Baby Sensory class, a trip to Budapest and, of course, Jacksons first ever birthday!

We are now going to have to look for new classes for Jackson and me to go to, due to Baby Sensory finishing. He really enjoyed it so I definitely want him to do something else to be able to explore and learn new things.

Our trip to Budapest was amazing. It’s so different doing a city break with a baby but still loads of fun. Jackson was so good during the trip and, although he did have hes moments, I think they were mainly to do with the fact he was not napping as much and not having enough crawling time.

For Jacksons birthday, we just had a few family members over for a little party at our house. He loved it and got so many presents!


Jackson had tooth number 11 come through this month, so he’s been extra dribbly and his fingers have been constantly in his mouth. Overall though, he hasn’t been too bad with it. No sign of tooth number 12 yet, which is surprising as the others have come in pairs in a matter of a few days of each other.

He really wants to climb on everything at the moment, especially the stairs! We normally have the door to our hallway closed and a stair gate up and shut but any chance he has, he is up the stairs like a shot!

He is also really enjoying playing on his own and his favourite toys are his walker, which he doesn’t really use in a conventional way (it’s either turned into a scooter or flipped upside down to play with the wheels!) and his red fire truck which he loves wheeling around and around, occasionally banging it against the TV unit!


We have finally dropped the day-time bottle and swapped it for a snack which has been a good transition. His day to day routine is as follows:

7:00/7:30am - wake up and bottle
8:00am – breakfast
9:30am – nap for about 1 hour
12:00pm – lunch
1:30-2:00pm – nap for about 20-30mins
3:00pm – snack
5:00pm – dinner
5:45pm - bath and bottle
7:00pm - down for bed

He has 6oz of milk in the morning and 7oz before bed.

Clothes and Weight

He is wearing a real mixture of 12-18 months clothes and 18-24 month clothes now.

I got Jackson weighed a couple of weeks ago and he was 25 lbs 2 oz. He is still on the same percentile but just starting to level out.

Love Sophia xxx

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