Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Happy Mother's Day

This year I had my first Mother’s Day as a mother myself. Last year, Jackson was born 11 days after it, so I just missed out! I also just figured out that next year it will fall on Jackson’s 2nd birthday - not sure how I feel about sharing the day with him! Ha!

I had such a lovely Mothers day. I was woken up to a cup of coffee and some lovely presents! Jackson and Daddy made me a lovely personalised poem, which Jackson helped to decorate with little hearts. This was definitely my favourite present as it was too cute. It's funny but a few years ago I would have thought that this was a bit cheesy and would never of thought that I would want to proudly put this up in my house but now my house is made up of all sorts of homemade cheesy things!

Later in the morning, a delivery man knocked on the door and gave me a beautiful bunch of flowers from the same florist that we bought our wedding flowers from, which was such a thoughtful touch (I don't know how Jackson managed to arrange that!).

My mum actually treated the three of us (Chris, Jackson and I) to brunch at 'Bill's', which was very kind of her as really it should have been the other way around, but after having two children herself, I think it was more of a 'well done' for making it through almost the first year! The restaurant wasn’t as busy as I thought it would be and Jackson spent the whole time smiling and waving at everyone that was near to him or that walked passed him.

The afternoon was really made up of looking after Jackson, who sadly had a high temperature due to tonsillitis (we had discovered this after a trip to A&E the night before). I have had it lots of times before and he has been a little trooper by not letting it bother him too much. By late afternoon, he seemed to be a bit better so we decided to still meet with our family for an early dinner at a nearby Italian restaurant. However, it probably wasn’t the best parenting choice that we have ever made as we did have a few tears from Jackson while we were there. He spent the whole time sat on my lap having lots of cuddles.
Thankfully he’s on antibiotics now and is back to his normal cheeky-self!

I am loving being a mummy so much and I still sometimes look at him and can’t believe that I grew him in my belly, CRAZY!!!!! I wonder if my mum still looks at me and thinks that?

Overall, even with Jackson not feeling 100%, it was a lovely day! I hope all the rest of you mummies had a great day too!

In case any of you missed it, I made a little mothers day video too…..

Love Sophia xxx

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