Thursday, 2 March 2017

3 Week Update

Here is mine and Florence's 3 week update...



I am feeling almost completely fine, with nothing really to report. I am craving sugar still, I think that this may be to do with breastfeeding, that or I am just greedy!!! 


I weighed myself and I am still over a stone heavier than my pre-pregnancy weight. I am going to worry about this in April, which will give me 4 months to lose weight for my sister's wedding!!!


My mood and emotions have again been up and down! I am starting to get very tired too, due to the sleepless nights, so that really isn't helping the situation. 


We went to the Health Visitor and they are still concerned about her jaundice, so we have an appointment booked at the hospital in order to check this out. She has also had her first cold, which has been difficult at times. 


Nothing much to say this week, except that she has kind of got confused with day and night - she seems to sleep for most of the day and then be awake for most of the night! 


Generally its about 2-4 hours between feeds but due to her cold she keeps pulling off the breast, so she has been cluster feeding most of the time. So far, the 'Sleepyhead' cushion has been amazing, meaning she's spent a few good nights in her own bed. 


She didn't put much on in the last 10 days, now weighing 9lbs 2oz and is only just above the 50th percentile!! I think it's because of her cold, so hopefully she'll get better soon. 

Love Sophia xxx

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