Friday, 10 March 2017

4 Week Update

Here is mine and Florence's 4 week update...

This is the last week that I'll be doing a weekly update, as I will start doing monthly ones from now on, just like I did with Jackson. It's such a lovely thing to look back on (I still like looking back at Jackson's ones). 



Same as last week. 


Lost a bit more weight but similar to last week really - I will focus more on this next month!


I have been feeling a lot more stable this week, a few things still play with my emotions but they are mainly happy tears, like when Jackson wants to cuddle or kiss Florrie.  


She still has her cold, but it does seem to be getting much better. We had the prolonged Jaundice clinic appointment too, where they took bloods and a urine sample. We have had the first sets of bloods back already and she was fine. Waiting for the rest of the bloods and urine sample to see if there is any infection.


Florence has had a few more awake moments where she is really focuses on things (she is mainly drawn to light at the moment). We have even had a few good nights sleep too!!!!
I also think that we may have had a cheeky little smile this week!!!


Due to her cold, she only feeds for a few minutes each time and then she gets hungry again very quickly. She defiantly prefers to be held too.


We haven't got her weighed recently but I do feel that she's put weight on. She is fitting more into her 0-3 month clothes now.

Love Sophia xxx

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