Thursday, 9 March 2017

What My Toddler Ate #4

Today, whilst I am writing this blog, it's pancake day! So of course, for breakfast we had pancakes. 
This is a normal recipe for me, consisting of banana pancakes with berries.

For a snack, he had a banana. 

For lunch, Jackson had this easy 'snacky' type of lunch. He had some Dairylea Dunkers, which he loves as it involves 'dip dip'! On the side, he also had carrot crisps, grapes and olives. 
He finished the whole thing and asked for more, so I gave him a cracker and a tangerine too.  

For dinner, we were meant to have pancakes again but our pan was so rubbish we gave up! 
Instead, we had Spag-bol and a yogurt for pudding. 

Love Sophia xxx

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