Sunday, 8 November 2015

London baby!!!

Chris had some holiday days left to take off from work and instead of going away, we thought we'd do some family fun days. On Wednesday, we went to London for a tourist day!

Firstly, getting three people and two dogs ready early in the morning is difficult. I have no idea how anyone with any more children gets out of the house before 10am?! Hats off to you. When I have number two, I will have to only make plans after 2pm ;)

We eventually got into London, Waterloo, at 11:30am. The journey was surprisingly easy and painless. However, Jackson was smiling at lady on the train who then said 'she's beautiful'. SHE!!!!! First time Jackson has been mistaken for a girl!

When we got to London, we went to get tickets for the Sea Life Centre and the then went off for lunch with Jackson rocking his Halloween bib. We went to Bar One, as it was right next door and by this point it was 12:30pm and we had a hungry baby!!!

Jackson loved the Sea Life Centre! He was fascinated by all the fish, especially the jelly fish!! I think my favourite was the penguins and Chris' was the giant turtle.

Afterwards, I was a very lucky girl and got to go to Oxford Street to do a bit of shopping!! During pregnancy, I started a small obsession with Lush products. They make an already relaxing bath even more relaxing. Plus, your skin afterwards is always amazing! So one place I had to visit was their Oxford Street store. I Have to admit, it was a bit overwhelming as it is massive with soooooo many products everywhere!!! All of the ladies who worked there were so helpful though and spent a long time explaining some of the products. I ended up leaving with 5 bath bombs, 1 bubble bar and a face mask!

After the all the shopping, we needed a break so went to check out the Forest Bar on the roof of Selfridges, which was so beautiful. Unfortunately, the outside part was full but they had these gorgeous little snugs that were lined with fur-like material and heaters so can be used all year round! We were joined by Jackson's guide parent, Lucy, for a delicious (and rather expensive) cocktail!

We eventually got the train back at 8:30pm, after a bit of dinner, which was way past the little man's bedtime but he didn't seem bothered or tired!!!! It was a long day but was brilliant and we are already looking forward to going in to town at Christmas to do some Christmasy themed activities.

Love Sophia xx

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