Sunday, 22 November 2015

My week

I had a lovely blog post idea for this week. However, my week did not go quite as I had planned. Jackson was sick with a cough and a cold, which meant my time was completely taken up by looking after him. Here’s how it went:

The week started like any other week with swimming. He had a bit of a sniffle but nothing too bad. We even went to my Mum’s for lunch afterwards.

Chris was off work so we decided to make some Christmas presents with Jackson. He was starting to get his cough but generally wasn’t too bad. That was, until the night came…. By the time we put him to bed he had a really bad cough and wouldn’t sleep. It got to 2:00am and I had not had any sleep, so I made a temporary bed on the floor in Jackson’s room so at least I could get a bit of rest while comforting him.

By the morning, I was a complete zombie. I had to cancel coffee with a friend and spent the whole day in with Jackson, giving him lots of cuddles and trying to get him to eat or drink something. By the evening, he was no better and the thought of leaving him made me too sad, so I cancelled my Pilates class. The start of the night went okay but by 12:30am, he was awake again and crying. Jackson has not eaten during the night since he was about 10 weeks olds, but I gave him a bottle of 6 oz and he drank the whole thing! Unfortunately, this still did not help him sleep so I was back to my make shift bed in his room.

Today was his worst day, I felt so helpless. I searched the Internet for a miracle cure but of course there wasn’t any. Again, I cancelled on seeing another friend and spent the day indoors. The only way Jacks would nap would be if he was lying on me, but I have to admit, I loved this as it meant giving him tons of cuddles! That evening I had to cancel a girl’s night out as I just wasn’t able to leave Jackson. Again, the night was taken up by drinking milk, crying and sleeping on my new bed/the floor.

By now, I was suffering from very little sleep, and the house looked like we had been robbed, but on the up side, Jackson seemed to be on the mend. He would nap in his cot so I managed to get the house 'sort of' into shape. In the evening, my family came over for dinner. Jackson didn’t want to sleep and so, unlike him, he was up until about 10:00pm. When we eventually put him down he had an hour. I gave him some food and tried to put him down again, but he was having none of it. So… I gave in and did the unspeakable. I brought him into our bed and we all managed to have a slightly better night!

Jackson woke up at the crack of dawn but on the plus side, he seemed to be a lot better. After breakfast, I put him down for his nap, which is normally 20-30mins but today it lasted 2 hours!!! After he woke up, we went out shopping. In the evening, we had some friends over but were worried about how he would be. He slept the entire evening and didn’t wake until 1:00am, when we gave him his bottle and of course, like normal, he then wouldn’t settle. We didn’t want to bring him into bed again so we made the painful decision to let him cry out. After what felt like 16 hours, which was actually 16minutes, he went to sleep and slept all the way through until 8:30am!!

Jackson had woken up in the best mood today. He has made us laugh sooooo many times already and even though he still has a bit of a cough, he seems back to his normal cheeky self.

This week has tested us as parents! Seeing your baby in pain is hard and when you have had so little sleep, everything is 100 times worse. Even though I think that Jackson was being clingy because he was ill, I think that this is also a new phase that I am sure all babies go through.

I hope that next week we have our cheeky Jacks back and manage to do all the fun things we have planned.

Love Sophia xx

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