Sunday, 15 November 2015

Say cheese

Jackson started teething a few months back and by 4 and ½ months, the first tooth arrived!!!! I found this out by Jackson biting down on my finger, ouch!

The second one appeared quite quickly afterwards and then by 6 ½ months he had 6 pearly whites!

Every bath-time we get his little toothbrush out and brush his teeth, which at the moment he does not seem to mind.  Afterwards, we give him the brush to have a play and he has a go himself (he mainly tries to eat it though!).

There are a few things that have helped Jackson and Mummy through this time:

  1. Early on in the teething period, I would give him all the teething toys we had but nothing seemed to help as much as good old fingers. Unlike some of the toys, he was able to bite down easily on them. However, as soon as his teeth had broken through, this had to stop straight away. When the teeth first come through they are sooooooooo sharp.
  2. ‘Sophie la Girafe' – this brand seems to be a craze among parents and of course as a first time mum, I brought one. At first I didn’t understand why it was so popular. Then, as Jackson got older and could really hold toys by himself, it became my go-to teething toy. Jackson loves biting down on the legs.
  3. ‘Teetha’ granules – well these are just amazing!!!!! They are granules that you simply pour into your baby’s mouth. I think you are supposed to rub them on to their gums but Jackson seems to do this by himself. Not so much now, but it used to put him straight to sleep. I will mention that we brought some that were not the ‘Teetha’ brand and, although I am not normally a brand person, I feel they did not work.
  4. Soft toys and muslin cloths – these, like ‘Sophie’, work a treat. Jackson is often seen shoving his muslin cloth or the arm of his teddy into his mouth.
  5. Calpol and Nurofen- these are for when nothing else seems to work, and its just good old medicine to the rescue.
  6. Last, but not least, lots of love and cuddles! Someone once said that ‘the first tooth is like breaking an arm’. I don’t know if that’s true but they defiantly need some cuddles!
Let me know if you have any tips on teething babies.

Love Sophia xx

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