Sunday, 1 November 2015

7 month update

Can not believe that I am writing this blog, where has the last month gone!!!! (on the plus side, it's one month closer to Christmas!!!)

I am loving this age. Jackson's personality is really starting to show and he is just so cheeky and is so much fun. 

This month, we had another beautiful christening to attend, we had a trip up to London to see Jackson's Uncle 'fly board', Jackson had two of his gorgeous friends come to stay over for his first slumber party and we had lots of halloween parties, for which I dressed Jackson up as a skeleton. 


Jackson has started to crawl!!!!! I was so excited and absolutely love this time as he is just too cute moving around with his bum in the air! It does, however, mean that he is a lot quicker at getting around; I was putting washing away the other day and he made his way under my bed!!

He has six teeth (I know, ridiculous).

Jackson is doing really well with his eating, having a lot more finger foods and has now nailed using a beaker (although, after a while he likes to use it as hammer, throwing water everywhere!).


7:30am - wake up and bottle
8:30am - breakfast; weetabix and whole milk
9:30am - nap for 30/40 mins
11:00am - bottle
11:30am - nap for 30 mins (sometimes, depending on the morning nap)
12:30pm - lunch; homemade carrot muffins, cucumber sticks, celery sticks and avocado (which you’d think would be enough but he then goes on to have pudding of fruit!)
2:00pm - bottle
2:30pm - nap for 30 mins
4:00pm - sometimes he has another 30 mins sleep
5:00pm - dinner; turkey chilli and yogurt
5:45pm - bath and bottle
7:00pm - down for bed

Each time he is having about 8oz of milk in a bottle.

Clothes and weight
He is in 9-12 month clothes but I am still squeezing him into some 6-9 month outfits.

I haven’t got him weighed for a couple of weeks but the last time he was 20lbs 5 oz.

Love Sophia xx

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