Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Another day in Js belly

I love reading/watching these types of Blogs & Vlogs. At times I have found it really difficult to think up new ideas of what to feed little J, so sometimes I need a little inspiration. 

With every meal, he has a beaker with water in - I also offer it to him throughout the day and often leave it on the floor near where he plays. 

Breakfast today was the good old Weetabix and milk. As I have previously mentioned, J is getting a little picky, so I cut up a few raspberries very small and hide them in the mixture.
He also had 5 oz of milk in a beaker. 

For lunch, we were off out so I made a picnic lunch. I have been using these 'Warburton Thins' to make his sandwiches and today they had cottage cheese in. I boiled some Baby Corn too, which is one of the few vegetables that he seems to eat! I also included a Babybel and some Cheese and Herb Puff's, which I make sure to only give him a few of, as they are a bit of a treat. 

For his afternoon snack, I gave him Blueberries and a few more of the Puffs. I forgot to take a picture but I am sure you all know what blueberries look like! 

For dinner today, I used this plate, however, I normally just put it straight on the tray. It worked very well though and I think I will start using it a bit more! Jackson had Veggie Omelette, Baked Beans and Corn on the Cob, with a tangerine for pudding. 
He went straight for the tangerine and then on to the beans, however, and he didn't even touch the Corn on the Cob, so I ended up eating it when trying to show him how to do it! 

Let me know if you have any good baby/toddler meal ideas.

Love Sophia xxx

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