Thursday, 19 May 2016

Toys for under 1

Little J has so many toys, some of which he hadn't really started to play with until after his First Birthday. He has had some favourites and some that he continually plays with. I have listed what I think are some great baby toys for under 1 year old's, based on his opinion! 
I have included a picture of what J has got but the link is similar products.

No childhood is complete without some form of soft toy - I personally love the 'Jelly Cat' products. They are slightly on the pricier side but all of their products are well made and uber-soft!!!

Having toys attached to the buggy and car seat have been a must for us. They keep Jackson entertained and distract him when he has had enough of sitting still.

To help encourage walking, baby walkers have been brilliant. Little J loves his, he either walks it up and down the living room or uses it like a skate board. The one linked below is one that they often have at baby/toddler groups and he loves it!

Included with little J's walker are the blocks inside. These have been great too, we either build them up and J knocks them over or as he has got older, he has been able to build little towers himself. The ones below have 100 blocks!!!

Books can make lovely toys too. J enjoys the touchy-feely books, especially the 'that's not my...' collection. When he was younger, we would read to him during the night time feed and now he brings them to me and helps change the page. 

When we used to do baby sensory, J used to love the musical instruments. I found this set, which is good value for money. It encourages the fine motor skill and teaches how different items make different sounds. 

Let me know what your babies favourites are. 

Love Sophia xxx

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