Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Open Letter

Dear Jackson,

You are going to be 14 months old in a couple of days and still can’t believe how quickly you are growing.

This past week has been quite tiring, which I think its down to your teeth and all you want is cuddles but even then you still sometimes cry - all I want to do is take away the pain! That has got to be the hardest part of being a mother!! However, no matter how hard my day has been, as soon as Dada puts you to bed, I automatically miss you even though you are just upstairs dreaming away!

Each morning, when I come to get you up, you give me the cutest teethie grin, which just lights up my morning, even though I am not the best morning person. Theses are the moments I hope that I never forget! I just give you the biggest hugs for as long as I can before you start searching for your milk.

We have a pillow that your Yaya gave us for Christmas, it has a picture of all three of us on it, when we were in the Sea during your first holiday in Greece (although, now I find it a really inappropriate pillow, ever since one of your Guide Parents pointed out on your first birthday that we all look naked in it!). At least once a day, you bring it over to me, point to each of us and smile as I say each of our names. When Dad gets home from work and you get to see him in the flesh, your laugh of excitement is just wonderful.

Today we had lots of your girlfriends over to play. You’re still learning the art of sharing you 'Little Trike' car but I am sure we will get there eventually! It makes me wonder if you’ll do something with cars when you're older? Maybe a mechanic or maybe even a race car driver (please not the second one, not sure how I would cope!)? You might even end up with one of your girlfriends you had over today?

Speaking of which, you are going to your first wedding this weekend and you are going to be a Page Boy! I can’t wait to see you in your outfit, or to see how we will keep you quiet and still during the ceremony! Your Mama and Dada will be joining you as we are both part of the beautiful couple's special day as a Bridesmaid and Best Man.

I hope you always know how much you are loved and every day you make me so proud to be your Mama!

Lots of Love

Mama xx

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