Friday, 26 August 2016

14 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Each week, I am going to try and give a pregnancy update on how I have been feeling and whats been going on. As well as sharing the information with others, I think that it will be a lovely diary for me to look back on too. Here is my report on my 14th week...
Symptoms: Nausea is still happening occasionally but only when I am very tired or hungry (which is quite often!!). I have suffered from a few headaches this week but, again, this is mainly when I am tired. I also feel like my bump has started to appear!!!! With little J it didn't really show until 20 weeks. 
Food Cravings: Sweets and Apples. I have been getting the horrible metal taste in my mouth,which appears to be a common side effect, from what I have read, and these cravings seem to help get rid of it!
Movement: So... I felt a proper kick for the first time!!!! I have felt the occasional flutter before hand but this is the first time that I have had no doubt that it was the baby! It seems so early too!!!!
Sleep: I am going to bed at about 9pm, as I am just too tired to stay up any later. My sleep is very disturbed at the moment, either due to needing a wee or from having lots of dreams. 
Things I am missing: Parma Ham - with the lovely weather that we have been having, all I want to eat is Parma Ham and Melon. Also a glass of Pimm's or wine wouldn't go a miss!!!
Best Moment: Feeling the baby kick - BEST FEELING EVER!!!
Worst Moment: Going out for dinner with my Husband and feeling very nauseous!!!
Love Sophia xx

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