Thursday, 18 August 2016

Hampton Court Palace Trip

This wasn't a planned blog post but we had such a lovely day at Hampton Court last weekend, I thought that I would share the experience, as I know I am always looking for toddler day-out ideas myself.

Hampton Court Palace is one of Henry VIII's homes, set in some very beautiful grounds. We were given audio guides to take around the palace which told us a bit about each room, however, we tried to take it in turns to listen to as much as we could but Jackson didn't allow that! He did enjoy listening to it himself and pretending it was a phone though.

Jackson sat on Henry's VIII's chair in the Great Hall.

Having fun listening to the Audio Guide.

He was looking pretty sharp that day!

Jackson telling Mummy all about the old Kitchens!

They had a buggy park near the entrance to the Palace, so we left it there while we went and had a look around. He did a lot of walking but in some of the darker rooms he was a little unsure, so Chris would put him on his shoulders or one of us would carry him.

The gardens were just beautiful and they were free to look around, although if you wanted to go the Maze and the Magic Garden that was an additional cost. The Maze seemed to be easier to find the middle than to get out again! 

The Magic Garden was incredible, Chris said it reminded him of Teletubbies land! It had a large grassed area in the middle and around the edge it had different themed parts. The sand area was a big hit with Jackson and his Yaya. 

Overall we had a brilliant day and will definitely be visiting the Magic Garden again!!! 

Sophia xxx

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