Wednesday, 31 August 2016

16 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Here is my 16th Week update...

Symptoms: Nausea has been much better this week. I went away with my mum for a few days and thought I might of just been feeling better because I was getting extra help from my mum, but since I have been back it's still not returned that much. 
I have also just brought my first pair of maternity jeans, as last time, anything that touched my tummy was a no no. I also got all of my old bits from my pregnancy with Jackson down, most of them still look too big and mostly have winter bits on, so no good for now!

Food Cravings: Nothing different to report this week. 
Movement: Again, a few flutters but nothing too spectacular. I have been getting a few growing pains this week though.
Sleep: Not had any issues sleeping this week, which I am very grateful for! 
Things I am missing: I went over to the in-laws for dinner the other day and they put out a cheese board, which made me really want to eat all the amazingly stinky cheese but obviously you can't when your pregnant. 
Best Moment: Going away with my mum and Jackson to the Isle of Wight. We had such amazing weather, it was like being aboard. 
Worst Moment: Still having bad skin!! I would really like the glowing look you are promised by so many people in pregnancy. 
Love Sophia xx

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