Tuesday, 30 August 2016

First Trimester

From now on, I am planning on writing weekly updates on my pregnancy. I have already posted a couple, which some of you may have seen already but the reason I haven't written much about it yet, is that I have pretty much just felt the same throughout my First Trimester. I also had major fears of losing the baby and didn't want to jinx it. 

During the First Trimester, I was feeling nauseous pretty much all day but mainly in the evenings. Strangely, mornings were actually my best time of the day, when I would get up at the crack of dawn to get a few things done. One silver lining, I think, is that I haven't actually been sick at all. 
The feeling of nausea seemed to be much worse when I was tired or hungry, so I have been going to bed really early and eating LOADS!!!!!!

I have also had that horrible metal taste in my mouth quite often, which makes the nausea feeling 100 times worse. I have, however craved a few things that have helped with that taste, Pickled Onion Monster Munch being one of them, Orange Juice and Apples being a couple of others. 

I haven't got a baby bump yet but, by the end of the day, my tummy is definitely bigger than a normal food baby! Bloating has been crazy some days, when my tummy has looked pregnant one day but the next day it would be completely gone. 

One really annoying symptom I have had has been really bad skin!!! No matter how good my skin care routine is, it has made no difference!! 

At just over 8 weeks, we booked a private scan; we did this for two reasons really - one was because we wanted to tell of my family in Greece the next week, when we were visiting them all. The second was because, at the beginning, I had some issues believing that I was in fact pregnant (this is something I will talk a bit more about in another blog).
It was amazing, seeing our baby on the screen and hearing the heart beat. However, that early on, there really isn't much to see. On the screen, the baby looked a lot more like a baby but in the scan pictures we took away with us, it wasn't so clear. 

At just over 12 weeks, we had the NHS scan. It was lovely again to see our little baby. He/She was on it's head for the most of the scan, which sometimes made it difficult to get all the measurements that they needed. He/She played ball in the end, allowing them to get all the measurements. I also had a blood test that checked for a few illnesses, which all came back really positive! 

Love Sophia xxx

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