Wednesday, 27 January 2016

How to entertain a 10 month old

I am loving this age and how interactive Jackson is. We play together loads and he is at the stage where he can sometimes play by himself too! Below, I have shared a few of our favourite games that we play:

The first one uses bubbles - we have a bubble machine that I picked up from Tesco's and as soon as the machine is switched on, Jackson is glued to it! He's not yet trying to catch the bubbles but just loves to stare at them floating through the air. 

The next play activity we often do is stacking cups or building blocks. I will build towers and then Jackson will knock them over - he will often turn to me afterwards, waiting for me to build it up again! 

An obvious one, which I am sure most mums do, is going out for a walk. He likes looking around at the surroundings and especially likes seeing the sun shine through the leaves (when we get sun that is!!!) 
Whilst out walking, we also often go to the park; Jackson finds the swings hilarious! 

Jackson is just starting to show an interest in books. The textured ones are his favourite and he enjoys turning the pages for me.  

One, which will be brilliant in the summer, is water play. For now, he enjoys playing with his cups, which have holes in the bottom, in the bath and with his squirting animal toys but when the weather is nicer we can give him some buckets of water to play with in the garden. 

Jackson has loads of toys but he will play with pots and pans from our kitchen cupboards for the longest! I think he must enjoy the loud noises (great for when mummy has a headache!). 

Nursery rhymes always go down well with Jackson. Some of his favourites are 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' and "Old Macdonald Had a Farm'. Our local library has a free class called 'Bounce and Rhyme', which is brilliant for practising all the nursery rhymes. 

Another thing he enjoys doing is playing in his ball pit. He loves crawling in and out of the tent and pushing and chasing all of the balls across the floor. 

I think 'Peek-a-boo' is a baby favourite, not just with Jackson, but for all babies. I normally use a muslin cloth (as I alway have one near by) and either cover my face or his. This gets some brilliant giggles out of him! 

If you want to see my youtube video please click below...

Let me know what games/toys your baby loves! 

Love Sophia xxx

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