Sunday, 31 January 2016

10 Month update

This month has been spent getting back to normality after all the Christmas fun. Chris and I had a special date night at the Hand and Flowers, so Jackson had his first sleep over at Yaya's (my mums). It couldn't have gone better but we did miss him loads! 

Jackson had his 9/10 month check with the Health Visitor which went really well. I was quite worried about it, as it is one of the first times that he's been tested and I almost felt that my parenting skills would be assessed. However, unless you have something in particular that you are worried about, its really not a big deal, it was more of a general chat! 

One of Jackson's buddies turned 1 this month, so we all went round to her house to celebrate.

We also had another catch up with some of Jackson's only boy friends in Kent, which meant a bit of a drive to get there, and he was the best he's ever been in the car! It was lovely to see the twin boys and to see how they are getting on. 


One of the main changes this month is that Jackson is now 'cruising' around the furniture in our house and walking with help from his walker. 

He has also started a sort of throwing action with his ball toys, which he then races off to catch. 

He has started holding his milk bottle himself but is still finding it difficult to tip it to get all of the milk out as he is not tipping it quite enough. 

He learnt to wave a while back too, but he then sort of forgot how to do it! This month, however, he waves all the time, even sometimes when nobody is coming or going!

Jackson's speech is coming along really well, which is obvious because he never seems to stop talking! He copies a lot of sounds that we will make at him, such as his favourite, which is 'Oh no'.

He had another two teeth come through this month, taking his total up to 10!

We also decided to stop giving him his dummy for nap-time. He was starting to get a rash around his mouth from all the dribble and the dummy containing it around his lips, so after a lot of talking and worrying about it, we ditched it! Despite our worries about how he would cope without his beloved dummy, the nights weren't too bad and he seemed to go straight to sleep when we put him down. However, his daytime naps were more of a struggle and he still sometimes refuses to go to sleep during them. The rash, however, cleared up quickly and overall he seems perfectly happy without it! 


This hasn't changed that much this month, although he has now dropped his morning bottle:

8:00/8:30am - wake up and bottle
9:00am – breakfast
10:30am – nap for about 30mins
12:00pm – lunch
1:00pm – nap for 30 mins to an hour
2:30pm – bottle
5:00pm – dinner
5:45pm - bath and bottle
7:00pm - down for bed

Each time he is having about 6oz of milk in a bottle and 7oz before bed.

Clothes and weight

He has moved into 12-18 months clothes but can still sort of fit into 9-12 month sizes.

I got him weighed a couple of weeks ago and he was 24 lbs 5oz, which is over 11kgs. He also made a jump on the percentile chart, going up to just below the 98th line.

Love Sophia xxx

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