Sunday, 17 January 2016

Mum Cheats

Becoming a Mum means I have even less spare time than when I worked a full time job. However, over the last 10 months, I have found ways to save time and to generally make my life run a bit smoother.

The first one is dry shampoo - this is a life saver. I used to religiously wash my hair every other day but now that's not always possible. On a good week, I have time to wash my locks twice (which I actually think is better for my hair anyway!). I also spray some dry shampoo on every morning to give me a burst of freshness. And for the days that the dry shampoo is just not enough, you can always turn to hats!!!

The second life-cheat I have found is the formula dispenser. Obviously, breastfeeding can be a lot easier but if your like me and want to move on from breastfeeding to a bottle, milk powder dispensers are simply the best. I actually have three separate pots, each with three compartments and I fill them up in the morning when I need to. So when ever Jackson needs milk, its very quick and easy to tip the already measured powder into his bottle. This is especially helpful when your baby needs feeding... NOW! 

The third one to mention is freezable meals. I like to make all of Jackson's meals but I don't want to waste my time everyday in the kitchen. Chris is off work on Tuesdays, so I take a few hours out and make lots of freezer suitable meals for the week and separate them into portions. Then all I do in the morning is take out what I want and let it defrost, making it really easy when Lunch/Dinner time comes around. 

The fourth hack is another food one but is mainly for Mummy and Daddy, however, Jackson does eat most of what I cook as well. It involves using a slow cooker - during Jackson's morning nap, I chop up and fry off any meat we have and put it in the slow cooker so it's ready for our dinner. 

For number five, it's a bit of a beauty regime. During the winter, my skin tends to go back to it's original Welsh colouring but nowadays I don't have, nor do I want to spend, loads of my spare time fake tanning. St.Tropez have brought out an in-shower fake tan, which is amazing! All you have to do is shower as normal, then turn off the shower, massage in the lotion, wait 3mins and then rinse it off. It's only a gradual tan, so you have to do it a few times to really get the benefit, but makes the Winter look a lot more bearable!

My last pointer is to do with storage - during the day my house looks like the Tasmanian Devil has been over for an espresso party! But as soon as Chris is home at 6pm, I head downstairs and start clearing up while he takes over of Jackson's bedtime routine. I put everything back in their cupboards and tidy his toys into some cute storage boxes we have, so they are easy to get in and out. This means that in the evening, we have a clean and tidy 'adult zone' to relax in!

Let me know if you have any other Mum Cheats. 

Love Sophia xxx

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