Thursday, 21 January 2016

What Jackson ate

Weaning has been so much fun, even though it can be really messy and very difficult at times. There have been many occasions when I have had no idea what to make or give Jackson - I do like to give him homemade food as much as possible, so I make sure that everything I make is freezer friendly or that he can have the leftovers from our previous night's dinner. Most of the time, I have stuck to 'baby led weaning', giving Jackson finger foods that he can eat himself. However, I haven't stuck religiously to it, giving him mostly cereal for breakfast and when he's had a cold/sore throat, I have given him completely pureed food instead. 

This is what Jackson, who is nearly a 10 month old baby, ate today. 

Breakfast: Weetabix made with warmed, full fat milk. 

Lunch: 1 sausage, cucumber, peppers, celery, cheese and a yogurt for pudding

Dinner: Pasta with veggie sauce (from the Annabel Karmel cook book) and a tangerine for pudding (for your information, Jackson made so much mess with the pasta but really enjoyed it!!!!!).

Along side all the meals, he has water from his beaker. He also has 3 bottles of milk a day.

Let me know what you do for your little ones food throughout the day!

Love Sophia xx

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