Sunday, 3 January 2016

Reflections and Future

Another year has absolutely flown by but 2015 has been an amazing one. I turned 28 on the 27th December, so I have thought of 28 things that I loved last year (in order of when they happened). As you would probably expect, they are mainly about Jackson and babies and it is a very different list to what I would have written down in previous years! But I have enjoyed every minute of it. Here they are...
  1. We finished the renovations of the inside of our house (the garden is next!)
  2. Chris surprised me with a trip to Stratford Upon Avon for Valentines Weekend
  3. Having nearly 4 weeks off, before Jackson was born, of completely 'me' time!
  4. My friend gave birth to her gorgeous twin boys
  5. Giving birth on my due date, only 5% of babies arrive on due date!
  6. I became a Mum to my gorgeous baby boy
  7. Chris got to take two weeks off when Jackson was born
  8. My Yaya (Nan) came over from Greece to see Jackson the day that he was born
  9. I became an Aunty, for the first time, to my beautiful Niece
  10. One of my best friends got pregnant
  11. I made some new mummy friends that I am sure will be a part of my life for a long time
  12. I went on a weekend break to West Wittering with Chris and Jackson
  13. I started my blog this year and the feedback has been fantastic (thank you everyone)!
  14. Chris and I celebrated 10 years of being together as a couple
  15. We went on Jackson's first family holiday to Greece
  16. I saw my Niece get Christened in her beautiful dress 
  17. Celebrating my Sister, Chloe’s, graduation
  18. Celebrating my Brother In-Law, Laurence’s, graduation
  19. The first time Jackson crawled, it was amazing!
  20. The day Jackson said mama for the first time, he then went on to say dada and yaya
  21. Jackson’s Naming Ceremony
  22. We got to spend our first Christmas with Jackson; best Christmas yet!
  23. Jackson started walking with his new walker
  24. Spending every day with Jackson, as I am lucky enough that I have not had to go back to work yet
  25. Generally having a healthy and wonderful baby boy, who is so much fun!
  26. Sleep – we have had our moments but generally Jackson is very good during the night
  27. My friend gave birth to a beautiful baby boy which was a last minute entry in 2015!
  28. Spending a very different but wonderful New Year in, with my hubby

As 2016 starts, I am so excited to see what this year will have to offer and I am looking forward to watching Jackson continue to grow. I have thought of a few goals for 2016, and if I put them up on this blog then I have to stick to them, so here they are!
  1. Get back into regular exercise - finding time can be difficult but Jackson is having longer naps in the day now, so I am hoping to fit some in then
  2. Drink more water every day, something I know I don't do enough
  3. Worry less about a clean house - I know this is probably more of a worry for parents but I don't want to miss out on 'Jackson time'. If cleaning needs to be done, I want to do it in the evenings or during nap times
  4. Keep up with my blog - I am loving writing and love reading the comments and PM's you send me. As long as I enjoy it, I will keep going!
  5. Do one thing a week which is just for myself - I am a parent but I am also Sophia, so I want to make sure that I don't forget this
  6. Save money and spend less - I am a bit of a shopaholic but I want to sort out the garden this year and maybe have a cheeky little holiday, so I need to learn the art of saving!
Let me know what your 2016 goals are!

Love Sophia xx


  1. Sounds like you've had such an awesome year Sophia :) Just putting together my list of "to do's" this year, and might steal one of two of yours for myself!

    Lots of love xxx

  2. Roll on an equally brilliant 2016 for us all! xxx