Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Open letter to Jackson, Jan. 2017

Dear Jackson,

It's not long now until you become a Big Brother and we are just so excited to see our family grow.

It's not helping the Mum Guilt at the moment though - I worry that you might not feel as loved as you do now, compared to when you have a sibling getting our attention too. But most importantly, I feel bad at the moment because I am really tired all of the time (and rather fat!), which maybe makes me not as fun for you. I just hope that you don't think that and you still feel like I am playing with you loads.

You have made your Dada and I laugh so much recently, you just seem so grown up already. You love playing with all of your new toys that you got for Christmas and always want us to join in your role playing games, which I just find absolutely adorable. One toy you got for Christmas was a baby doll, which I wasn't sure if you'd like very much, as you never play with dolly's at Play Groups or your friends' house's but due to your sibling coming, we thought it would be a good idea anyway. How wrong was I - your doll joins in with all of our games! You pretend he is your patient when you play with your doctors set and you even put him in the high-chair to feed him your pretend food. Dada and I just hope you don't pick your sibling up by their face or leg like you do with dolly!!!!!!

All of your little buddies are starting to turn 2, which makes me realise that your Birthday will surely creep up very quickly. I have already started looking for presents and ideas of what we can do on your special day. The only problem is, we are still so close to Christmas, therefore I can't think of anything that you need or want (we completely went over board at Christmas so I will really have to get my thinking cap on)! 

I find it amazing how clever you are getting and how much you have noticed about my pregnancy. For instance, you show such an interest in my very large belly and you like to kiss it and stroke it. Sometimes you like to sit on my lap and just put you hand on it (not sure if you actually understand why you are doing this but you must see Dada do it all the time).

Your speech is just coming along so well at the moment too, with you saying new words every day. However, you still babble away as though you are speaking and like we should understand what you are saying! You've even had strangers ask me what you said as though the babble was really proper words. We ask you if you think you are having a Sister or a Brother too, which you seem to be 50/50 on at the moment. It's funny but whenever you say either one, your Dada and I look at each other as though you actually do have the answer. It's not long to wait now though, so you better make up your mind! 

I hope you remain your happy and healthy self, and know how much we both love you!!!

Lots of love, 
Mama xxx

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