Thursday, 9 February 2017

Week in photo's

On Monday, we went to meet my friend's new baby. Jackson saw me writing the card for her so he just had to 'help' and sign the card too. 

This photo makes me laugh, he made me get all of his comforts out of his cot (he has a lot now!) and he was showing them all to me. He was also non-stop talking the whole time - he must of been telling me all about them. 

Jackson had a snotty nose today and just didn't want to sleep in his cot. Have to admit, I really didn't try that hard, I was very happy to have cuddles while he slept. 

Jackson was with my Mum for most of the day today so I was treated to getting my nails done. A proper pamper day, something that doesn't happen very often. I even got to squeeze in a Yoga class in the evening. 
Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of my day as I was too involved in having a baby free day!!

We had a really relaxed day; in the morning was a midwife appointment. Jackson was desperate to hear his 'baby' heartbeat too, the midwife was just brilliant with him. 

This evening it was my Sister and her Fiance's engagement party, which was smart dress-code. I love getting Jackson all dressed up! 

For Christmas, 2 of Jackson's Uncles bought him and his Cousin a 'Build a Bear' voucher, so we all went together to pick and build their own bears, which was such a lovely thing to do! 

Love Sophia xxx

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