Thursday, 2 February 2017

Toddler's Room Tour

We always had in our minds that as soon as we fell pregnant with our second baby, we would move Jackson into the bigger bedroom so that he had more room. He is only going to be about 22 months when the baby arrives so is still very much a little toddler but I really wanted it to be his room that he can grow into.

In regards to the furniture, we had to buy everything new because we have reused all the bits from the Nursery for the next little bundle. We have moved a lot of his decorations over though and have added a few new bits too, seen as he is a bit more grown up now.

As you come into the room, the wall on the right has this print which one of Jackson's Guide Parents gave to him on the day of his Naming Ceremony. Under this is these 3 star hooks, which his Yaya brought him last year for Christmas, meaning we have a place for all of the hanging bits that were in his old room, with the addition of his little dressing gown.

Next to that and just underneath is his rocking chair that another one of his Guide Parents got him for a present. It was also in his old room, where we used it as a bit of a table for his monitor etc. but now he loves to actually sit on it. 

Then it's on to his Cot-bed, which we bought in the Mothercare sale - I wasn't too fussy with which one we got, I just wanted it to have a drawer underneath for extra storage. I keep spare nappies and bedding in it. 

I looked all over the place for bedding for Jackson but could hardly find any that I liked. I did, however, end up finding this set on eBay. I love the print and even though the quality could be slightly better, I can't really complain when it came to the cost!

Above his bed are some of the same bits he had in his old room; The J and the hand & foot print in particular. The new additions are the Pirate Clock from his Uncle and Aunty, and the record was a present from another of his Uncles. 

We bought this wardrobe from Ikea and I love it!!! He has loads more storage than his old room, where he had a chest of drawers and wardrobe (he does have a lot of clothes!!). 

I really liked the curtains in his old room but I wanted to change them into a blind, which one of my amazing friends did for me. I am so pleased with it (let me know if you want anything similar done and I can put you in contact with her). 

On his window sill, he has his name train, which he had in his old room too. He also has these pirate bookends and a money box - both presents from Chris's cousins (think that makes them Jackson's 2nd cousins).

We bought this wicker chair from Ikea to read bedtime stories on etc.. On the bottom is an Ikea cushion and the upright cushion was a Christmas present from Yaya. 

Also, above his chair is his mobile from his old room, which was from Not on the High Street (it was a bit on the pricey side but I really like it). 

His toy box is from 'The Great Little Toy Storage Company'. We only have a few toys in his room at the moment but when baby comes I think that we will put a few more in, incase I am feeding upstairs at any point and he needs entertaining. 

Above that is his bookshelves (I have done a blog post of his themed bookshelf - click here to see it). The top one is his 'special shelf', where we have a few books that have been given to Jackson on special occasions by a few friends and family members. 

The last thing left to show you in his room is the rug, which I found at H&M. It's a car rug but with a bit more of a modern twist from the traditional ones. 

Hope you like his room, he certainly does! 

Love Sophia 

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