Monday, 20 February 2017

Week 1 Update

Here is mine and Florence's one week update...



My recovery is so much easier this time. After having Jackson, I felt like I had been hit by about 10 buses, whereas this time it just feels like a car or 2! Not sure if this is due to the natural birth element, the fact that it was a quick labour or that it happened during the day, rather than in the middle of the night. Maybe it is even a combination of all of the above. We managed to leave the hospital the next day after having Florence too, which was an amazing feeling to be at home so quickly. 

Going to the loo hurts this time due to the stitches I had, which doesn't make it a pleasant experience. Also, my boobs are just massive!!!! I am pretty sure my body thinks I've had twins or something.

I am exclusively breastfeeding and this time round it's a lot easier - no waiting for bottles to warm up or expressing etc. 


I have lost a fair amount of weight already, due to Florence being so big but I just feel very squishy now!!! I am also in that awkward stage where maternity clothes fall down but there is no chance pre-pregnancy clothes will fit!


My mood has been really good; we are currently in the 'baby bubble', which I just love, I don't want it to end!


We had to keep checking her blood as she was diagnosed with jaundice (which wasn't hard to tell since she looked like she had been given a bad spray tan) but she just kept falling below the line, meaning she never had to go under the lights. We got the all-clear on day 6, which I am so glad for, as we can finally start bonding as a family of 4 without the constant hospital visits.


Nothing at the moment, she is still getting a grip on being on the outside! 


Again no routine yet, I feed her on demand. Sometimes we are lucky and get 3 hours straight of sleep, other times she is on the boob for 3 hours straight!  


She is doing really well, only lost about 2% of her birth weight at the 5 day check, making her weight 8lbs 8oz. 

Love Sophia xxx

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