Sunday, 27 December 2015

9 Month Update

We started the month with Jackson’s and my first ever Thanksgiving meal, cooked by one of his Guide Parents, Lucy. We celebrated Jackson’s Naming Ceremony, which was such a lovely day. We had a trip to Odds Farm with his little buddies and of course had lots of Christmas fun, including a couple of Christmas parties and his first ever Christmas!!


Last month, not a lot had changed. Well, this month, everything seems to have changed and I am loving every minute of it!!!

Jackson has been pulling himself up on every surface he can find and has now learnt to get himself down again, whereas before, he would get stuck and moan until we helped him down. He’s found Daddy’s Xbox and the on/off button, which he presses constantly!!!
He now copies us when we blow a kiss at him; he makes a kissing noise back at us.
He’s also talking a lot more this month and there is no stopping him. He says mama, dada, baba and yaya, not that he knows what they mean yet!
He got another two teeth this month, taking his total up to 8!

8:00am - wake up and bottle
8:30am – breakfast
10:00am – nap for about an hour
11:00am - bottle
12:00pm – lunch
1:00pm – nap for 30 mins to an hour
2:30pm – bottle
5:00pm – dinner
5:45pm - bath and bottle
7:00pm - down for bed

Each time he is having about 6oz of milk in a bottle and 7oz before bed.

Clothes and weight

He is in 9-12 month clothes now, however some already seem to be getting too small!!!

I got him weighed a couple of weeks ago and he was over 10kgs which is 22lbs 6oz. That takes him back up to just below the 91st percentile!

Love Sophia xx

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