Wednesday, 7 September 2016

17 Week Pregnancy Update

Here's my 17 week update: 

Symptoms: Again, nausea has been much better this week - YAY!! I have been extra tired though, but not sure if it's because I have been back to my normal routine again, cleaning like a crazy person when the little man heads to bed for his afternoon nap.

Food Cravings: Just any food in general this week!
Movement: I have felt a lot more movement this week and not just when I concentrate on it. 
Sleep: Not had any issues getting to sleep recently but the dreams I have been having this week have been awful! I've actually woken up in tears and struggled to get back to sleep as some of them have shaken me up so much! 
Things I am missing: Nothing in particular this week. 
Best Moment: Reading all the comments and PM's I received from my pregnancy announcement video. Thank you all so much! 
Worst Moment: Has to be the bad skin again, BLOOMIN SPOTS!!!
Love Sophia xx


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