Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Jackson's Week in a Lunch Box

I thought I would share Jackson's lunches for the week: 

Monday: This was a picnic-style lunch for 2 babies. I made them spinach and cheese omelette, mixed berries and melon. They also had fake mini cheddars and biscuits in case they were still hungry. 

Tuesday: This was a big lunch but Jackson was very hungry and he nearly ate it all! He had chicken pie with mushroom and spinach, cucumber and cherry tomatoes, which he did not eat, and for desert he had melon and strawberries. 

Wednesday: This lunch went down so well. It was pitta bread, peppers, mushroom and grapes with humous for dipping. We have recently had a few dinner parties, so have had crisps and dips out and Jackson has loved dipping the crisps into the dip, sucking it and then dipping again (which is gross)! That gave me the idea for this lunch but this way he got his own dipping pot so there were no worries of double dipping!

Thursday: Picnic lunch again. This time it was a Philadelphia sandwich with a few Quavers (Mama ended up eating the rest) and grapes. The raisins and orange were eaten as a snack. 

Friday: Jackson was at Yaya's house for lunch and I forgot to ask her for a photo. She did say that he had a chicken wrap with blueberries. 

Saturday: Jackson and I made cheese scones in the morning. He had one for lunch with grapes, tomatoes, peppers and humous. 

Sunday: This lunch was using up the scraps before our food shop came. It was pasta with salsa and cheese and then pear and blueberries afterwards. 

Love Sophia xxx

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