Tuesday, 27 September 2016

18 Month Update!!!

My gorgeous boy Jackson is now an 18 month old toddler and I can't believe it!!!! This is the first update I have done since he was 15 months, as I felt that he wasn't doing the huge steps in his development as frequently as he once was when he was a baby. However, since the last update, we have done lots of things, including 2 holidays, a couple of birthdays and lots and lots of play dates with his little buddies!!! 


His hair has grown loads and he has now got little curls, which are so cute. He also has 16 teeth and the last few aren't suppose to come through until 20 and 31 months, so I have been told, meaning we have had a few months off teething!!! 

He has started talking a bit, with not too many proper words but some of the ones he does say are; hiya, ta, here, this, mama, dada, yaya and kounia (which is greek for swing). He also says a few more bits that only his mama or dada would understand! 

He loves singing and dancing, which is so funny and cracks us up every time he does it. Chris has also taught him to bow after he does a little dance! When we sing certain songs he has learnt to do some actions for them too. 

He has also learnt parts of his body - he will touch his head, tummy, feet, nose and ears on demand.

We have done a few sign language words too. These include please, friends, food and sorry. He does do some more but I need to try to work out what they mean as sometimes he puts his own spin on them! 

It's hard to write down everything he is doing because he's just growing into his own little personality everyday. He is such a clown, in that he loves to act silly and make people laugh but he is also really kind with sharing and cuddling/kissing. However, he has started to push the boundaries recently by pulling hair, biting and the occasional bit of pinching. He also does have tantrums from time to time when he throws himself back and cries on the floor (which can be quite hard not to laugh at some times!).  


His day to day routine is as follows:

7:00/7:30am - wake up and has milk in a beaker
7:45am – breakfast
11:30/12:00pm – lunch
12:00/12:30pm – nap time, anywhere between 1 hour to 3 hours
3:00pm – snack
4:30/5:00pm – dinner
6:00pm - bath
6:30pm - beaker of milk
7:00/7:30pm - down for bed

Clothes and Weight

He is wearing 18-24 month clothes now.

I haven't got him weighted in ages but I will be going on Friday, so will let you all know the verdict! 

Love Sophia xxx

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